I Do

The departure from Las Vegas is never easy for me. Before Jaki lived there, it was sad to say goodbye to the shows, the crowds, and the experience. After she moved there, it was sad to say goodbye to all those things and to her. This time, the departure was harder because of the gathering … Continue reading I Do


Most people do not know where the titles of my blogs originate. It would be fair for me to admit that I often do not, but most times the title is a thought or feeling associated with the subject. "Layers" here touches on many things: the layers of dirt Matt and I were wearing when … Continue reading Layers

Final Week

While I do not plan on publishing this until Sunday, I feel like not getting it written down would lessen the good feelings associated with it. My class had our final presentations today. Technically, we were pitching our ideas to investors on a panel -- similar to Shark Tank -- and highlighting our hypothetical ventures … Continue reading Final Week