There are many moments in our lives that can be defined as that step into true adulthood. For some people, it is graduation or the 18th birthday - often lumped together as they are used interchangeably. For others, it is the first job, the first serious relationship, engagement, marriage, children, etc. There is the first … Continue reading Hunters


As most of you know, Diablo 3 was released on the 15th of this month. The third installment of the popular Blizzard Entertainment franchise has been more than ten years in the making and I am pleased to say that it did not disappoint. I was always an avid Diablo player, so it did not … Continue reading Clicker


Most people do not know where the titles of my blogs originate. It would be fair for me to admit that I often do not, but most times the title is a thought or feeling associated with the subject. "Layers" here touches on many things: the layers of dirt Matt and I were wearing when … Continue reading Layers

It Begins

I may have talked about waiting for word on the internship at Blizzard Entertainment, but today marks the first day of the "real" waiting. While none of us were given an exact date to expect any word on our status, Blizzard's Twitter feed and the internship page both gave a general time frame for the … Continue reading It Begins