Final Week

While I do not plan on publishing this until Sunday, I feel like not getting it written down would lessen the good feelings associated with it. My class had our final presentations today. Technically, we were pitching our ideas to investors on a panel -- similar to Shark Tank -- and highlighting our hypothetical ventures … Continue reading Final Week


I am going to keep it short this week. I have three days of class left, or one week if you prefer looking at it that way, and my focus has been on my final project with Rob, packing my apartment -- which is not getting done, although I did get my DVDs arranged in … Continue reading Breathe

The Woosh

January is a myth. Now that I have gotten that out of the way, I can truly reflect on January as it existed for me. I know it happened; I know I was there. Recalling January, however, leaves me with a hazy recollection of assignments, midnight homework with my partner Rob, and a certain dread for the … Continue reading The Woosh