Baby Rain

Okay, so baby shower would be more accurate, but I finally started planning one. I am notorious for allowing life to get in the way of anything involving invitations - read the blog posts covering our wedding for examples - and a baby shower is going to be just as difficult to plan as a wedding. … Continue reading Baby Rain


I am taking the cheater's route on my blog today. I know I did not set a goal for blogging quantity or schedule, but I do admit I feel better having blogged on Sunday night. I worked nearly every day this week. I am still only working thirty hours or less per week, but having … Continue reading Slacking


I just realized that a cross-country trip and a time change can really mess with my ability to keep a schedule. Regardless, it is still Sunday and I am still posting before midnight. East-coasters, I apologize for messing up your schedules by continuously posting on mine. The trip from Orlando to Albuquerque was (nearly) painless … Continue reading Unwinding

Cute Kills

My home has been overrun with cuteness. I mentioned in last week's blog that a kitten had made its way into my home. Alright, I will amend it to say I bought a kitten because the previous statement alludes to finding one suddenly in my bed and deciding to keep it. "Please, mom, can I … Continue reading Cute Kills

Christmas Eve

I am usually the first to prod my friends and family into updating the medium of their choice. I will admit that I prefer blogs, but Facebook, Twitter, text messages, phone calls, email, or any other avenue works just fine for me. I know I do not blog as frequently as I request that others … Continue reading Christmas Eve