Run, Dragon, Run

One of the most important changes since I stopped writing is my desire to run. Because of my military obligation, running wasn't a new thing to me. I just hated doing it. Military runs aren't really geared towards making great runners; they're geared for keeping soldiers capable of passing their physical fitness test. With that … Continue reading Run, Dragon, Run

The Season

The holiday season is different for me every year, it seems. When I was young, there was anticipation, joy, wonder, and so many other things. As I got older, some of those feelings were replaced by sadness and loss as the season reminded me of family members who might be out of reach or gone … Continue reading The Season


Veteran's Day is an interesting holiday. To some, it is an excuse for an extra vacation day. I dare to stereotype some of them and say that these individuals have not served their country, nor have they likely been close to family members who might have. They might recognize the service and sacrifice of our … Continue reading Veteran