Run, Dragon, Run

One of the most important changes since I stopped writing is my desire to run. Because of my military obligation, running wasn't a new thing to me. I just hated doing it. Military runs aren't really geared towards making great runners; they're geared for keeping soldiers capable of passing their physical fitness test. With that … Continue reading Run, Dragon, Run


What do you say after a year-long hiatus? What excuses come to mind when you all but fall off the face of the Earth? What apologies touch your lips? What promises escape from your hands, cluttering the words of a dusty blog? What? What? What? What do you say to a friend after a long … Continue reading Hiatus

Baby Rain

Okay, so baby shower would be more accurate, but I finally started planning one. I am notorious for allowing life to get in the way of anything involving invitations - read the blog posts covering our wedding for examples - and a baby shower is going to be just as difficult to plan as a wedding. … Continue reading Baby Rain


I am taking the cheater's route on my blog today. I know I did not set a goal for blogging quantity or schedule, but I do admit I feel better having blogged on Sunday night. I worked nearly every day this week. I am still only working thirty hours or less per week, but having … Continue reading Slacking