It is not within my ability to explain the twist of fate that leads you to the doorstep of my Internet space. Fate has a funny way of offering us what we need most at any given time, whether we believe we need it or not. Either that or it offers something trying and difficult in order to build character. Regardless of the circumstance that leads you, or the happenstance that finds you here, I welcome you.

While my door is open, I will admit that I have nothing substantial to offer you. You will leave with no trinkets, no knick-knacks, no souvenirs. If wit and wisdom –or a decidedly unmistakable lack thereof — piques your interest, I will regale you with imagery,  triumph, sorrow, and intrigue. I will also swear that these tales will contain some resemblance to the truth to the best of my poor, pitiful ability to retell them.

We can start our introduction with a cup of hot, steaming passion and a dab of focus. Shared between us, it will help to build the conversation like stepping stones over water. It will flow, this comfortable predicament in which we find ourselves, and the discussion will progress, punctuated by a calculated wit and a hearty laugh as I attempt to remember and relate the life that has made me who I am.

Even while I state again that there is nothing substantial to be found here, I hope that as time passes we come to an understanding that allows you to depart — at your liesure, of course — with a lesson, a parable, or a quote that will benefit you. May it be healing, strengthening, or encouraging in the way you need it most, even if the realization that it was necessary comes well after it was employed.

In this now-comfortable quiet, I beg you to help yourself to all that I have: the good, the not-so-good, the delightfully mediocre, and the parts of me that only the writer hidden deep within me could describe. Simple as they might be, they are the most accurate images of who I am that I could possibly portray.