I always mean to write on Sundays. I brainstorm and I plot talking points and then Sunday just… gets away from me. Why Sunday though? I think it’s a lingering “need” from a time I was blogging more religiously and had self-imposed deadlines and word count minimums. Does it still need to be done on Sunday?

No, but maybe I’m a creature of habit.

Blogging on my phone is the worst. The. Worst. And yet, here I am. I’m sandwiched between the whelps listening to one snore and the other mumble to himself as he tries to fall asleep. The temperature is getting more sweaty by the minute because these boys are heaters!

I wanted to write last week, but I couldn’t find the energy. I had a lot to talk about, but it all fell to the wayside in favor of babying my aching legs, feet, and my back. That half marathon was still one of the most fun races I’ve ever run. The course is one of my favorites, the weather was perfect for a long run, and the VIP perks were an unexpected treat.

Now I’ve got snoring in stereo and am still blogging on my phone, which sucks. At least they’re both sleeping. Damn, it’s hot.

I’ve been in a funk lately. My mood isn’t really like a roller coaster, thankfully, but maybe comparing it to the kiddie coaster would be more accurate. There are noticeable ups and downs, but neither are so drastic that they bring your stomach to your throat or make you close your eyes.

I feel like I’m trying to get my sea legs. I know how to stand and walk generally, but have found myself on a ship that moves with the sea. That’s a pretty massive and vague metaphor, but pairing that with my roller coaster comparison is basically where I am emotionally.

A light at the end of my figurative tunnel is a trip home in May. It was supposed to be a longer trip with a stop in Las Vegas to see Jaki and Ashley again, but logistics didn’t pan out for us. So the boys and I will make a quick trip to Albuquerque so I can run in a race there and I’ll get to spend some time with family and friends for the weekend. I’m really excited because I hadn’t realized how homesick I was.

I’m going to eat all the New Mexican food!

If anyone is wondering why I haven’t tried to organize a get-together with you, it’s because I’m really only there a couple days for the run. I’ll have a longer trip in June for visiting.

Bedtime. The snoring of the household is hypnotizing and I fear my train of thought is shutting down for the night. Much love.


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