It’ll come as a shock to no one, but I have a slew of people who care about me, my well-being, and my successes. They support me verbally and emotionally when I struggle (even when those struggles make no sense to them), and they cheer me on with my little successes (even if/especially when they don’t understand why I might be celebrating a victory).

This week, one cheerleader who stands out to me is Matt’s Aunt Kate. I’ve known her for 7 (8?) years now and we don’t get to see each other nearly as often as I’d like. I remember meeting her face-to-face for the first time. Matt and I had packed up his little apartment in Seattle to move him to New Mexico with me and that trip included a drive from Seattle to his parents’ home in California.

We stopped for the night in Oregon and I got to meet Kate and Michael. I remember how effortless it was to carry on the conversation with Kate. We didn’t have much in common specifically, but with service members there is always common ground, always experience or lesson other vets can relate to. It was much this way with us that night and I remember that necessity took us to bed much sooner than the conversation would have waned.

If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time this year, you’ll find familiar a feeling of frustration with my posts. I’ve mentioned checking the block and perhaps not loving my post as much as I might have in years before when I blogged more regularly. Habitually. Writing used to be cathartic, healing. I remember posts that have grounded me or helped me make a tough choice. I have written posts that helped elaborate on something going on in my life that others might not have understood. I used my blog for school assignments and humor, snark and love.

Back to Kate!

My post last week drips of the same frustration I’ve been feeling. I’m confident that it is the equivalent of shaking off the cobwebs and getting back into the habit of writing something regularly, but it is still challenging to stay motivated when mediocrity seems to ooze from my keyboard.

So I get this email from Kate. “I know you’ve been struggling with your blogging and I thought of you when I saw this.” While the article she sent me was profound and helpful, my inspiration today stems more from the feeling I got when I received her email. It probably took only seconds, but I also know that she’s in Hawaii currently. So that moment was extra special to me because I did not feel like an interloper to her trip, but a thought that warranted action.

I am not aware of how much of my blog she got to experience when I was writing more regularly, but even without that she offered me a hand up with a simple note and an article that talked about writing and the struggles associated with it.

Thanks for the help, Kate. This post was much easier to write than the previous ones.

One thought on “Cheerleaders

  1. Amanda, How lovely that you mentioned my sending you that little article.  I DID get to read some of your previous blogs, and enjoyed them very much.  Hopefully we’ll get to spend some quality time together again, and finish that first conversation that got cut short.  Hang in there Army!  You are right….lots of folks care about you.   Love,Kate


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