Struggling Still

I knew it wouldn’t be easy, picking up blogging regularly again. Rebuilding the habit is easy enough, and I find myself at least making the mental note to write on Sundays – if not actively setting aside time for it. I was busy today, however, so I knew my free time to write was going to be minimal. Short, sweet, and to the point incoming!

I’m listening to Matt click-clack-clacking on his computer though, and am happy to hear it. It lifts my spirits to have him blogging again.

This week did not find much in the way of change. We operate in “the usual” most of the time because habits and schedules are great for some kids. Ender finds them frustrating, but he’s 2. So the blue straw versus the red straw is frustrating for him as well. Riley – on the other hand – loves a schedule. He likes to know what to expect and how long he has before he needs to shift gears.

The holiday found us and V’s family at a local trampoline park. We knew it was going to be crowded because of the day off for public school kids, but it wasn’t an overwhelming crowd by any means. Classes throughout the week were uneventful, although I should note that Riley is finally confident enough with the form for his belt level that he’s being invited to test for his next rank. I’m very proud of him because I know how tedious it can be to do a form over and over, especially if there are challenges involved. I can imagine that “over it” feeling is worse when you’re 5.

Our little running group is growing even still. It started with a goal for myself. Then gradually, new friends started hopping on the bandwagon. Now we’re 8 or 9 strong with varying levels of participation and difficulty and it’s thrilling to have so many people watching, cheering each other on, and challenging each other. Most of us are participating in the Bay to Breakers run in May and I’m thrilled to have this group to run it with. If we all do it and nobody hates it, maybe next year we’ll dress up in a costume!

On the agenda in the next few weeks is flying Ender to spend some time with his Nana. I like that he has the chance to spend some one-on-one time with her and Eric because it lets him get some focused attention. In a world where Riley is attending classes and unschooling activities, Ender gets a bit overwhelmed with the (apparently) sudden changes in his play routines. It’s not a priority for Ender to get Riley to gymnastics, karate, or other events. So being able to let him experience undivided attention for a while is beneficial for him.

Other wins this week:

  • Took an 8-year-old ice skating so he could practice for his new hockey class. It was the first time I’d been on the ice in 20 years. I fell only once, but it did some significant ouch to my knee. Serves me right, I guess, as I was skating backwards in order to motivate him.
  • Volunteered to help the dojo with a demonstration of some of our skills for the Chinese New Year celebration at a local mall. It was a simple affair, but it was a blast getting in front of the crowd. Riley even performed the form he’s been practicing!
  • Helped a friend continue her thrilling success with this month’s Whole 30 despite a pretty (temporarily) crippling illness. Cooked a few meals, herded some cats… er… children, and cleaned her kitchen a few times. I wish I could do more, but someone once told me there’s a fine line between helping and bothering, so I’m trying to keep it simple.

I’ll wrap it up for this post, but I’ve had someone request a specific topic for a blog post in the future. So you can expect to read that soon. Happy reading and much love.



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