Baby Rain

Okay, so baby shower would be more accurate, but I finally started planning one. I am notorious for allowing life to get in the way of anything involving invitations – read the blog posts covering our wedding for examples – and a baby shower is going to be just as difficult to plan as a wedding.

Hmm, I have not had a housewarming party yet either. I am an awful person.

Most of the gatherings I have organized – and there have been a few – have involved the coordination of many people and, despite that coordination, have had an air of spontaneity. Sure, we organized flights and sleeping arrangements, but there was very little planning otherwise.

The date we have chosen for the baby shower is May 18th. Having never had a child before, I took my sister’s word on things that June would be way too late and I would likely not be in the mood for entertaining. Her exact words included something to the effect of “uncomfortable to the point of eating someone’s face” or the like.

Information on the baby shower will be forthcoming, but I would like to mention that I need invitations to go out by the end of February. There are two reasons for this deadline. One is that the people receiving them are going to have to plan their time and money to come, if they desire to do so. The other is that, without a deadline, I will likely postpone until it gets to a point that mailing invitations would be pointless.

Hey, if I can set a goal to blog every Sunday last year, surely I can mail out some invitations by the end of February. Right? Right?!

Other news is minimal. Luna is getting very big, very fast. I made a false assumption that she would grow into her very large feet in no time, but her feet seem to keep growing with her. She is at a point now that I will call an “awkward stage”. She is still adorable to the umpteenth degree, but she is all legs and ears. Walking is difficult and her reflexes are slow. Where I thought she would maintain the look of a border collie, her ears have decided to defy me and stick straight up in the air like the German shepherd that is her other half.

She is going to be a goofy looking dog.

I am still concerned with her proclivity for eating rocks. She does not seem to be slowing in that department any and I worry for the parts of her that I cannot see. Another concern, and a relatively new one at that, is one for Chaos. In the beginning, his patience and gentleness made me proud. Now I fear, as Luna grows, she will forget how much bigger than him she is and hurt him unintentionally. Have I made a poor choice allowing them to rough-house? Is it too late to amend this mistake? Can I rely on him to defend himself if she oversteps her bounds?

Have you ever considered how a small message could affect someone’s day? I have always been well aware of the way a note, text message, or phone call could uplift a friend’s spirits, whether they needed it or not. It is a simple thing to remind another person that they are important to you and the outcome of such a small message can be profound.

I got a message like that the other day. It was a simple thing, just a post on my Facebook wall that told me I mattered. I know I matter, and even in my darkest times I am aware of the positive affect I can have on others, but actually feeling the pride someone else has in me uplifted me in a way I did not think I needed.

The funny thing is the way this person affects me on a day-to-day basis. We speak directly to each other only occasionally, but there is plenty of activity on Facebook that has drawn a “Like” or a comment between us both. His outlook and views on so many subjects mirror mine, and the icing on the cake is his brilliant and eloquent way to phrase them.

I will always be honored to know him and I am motivated to continue to follow his crusades, wherever he chooses to fight them.

That will do it for me tonight. I have one more pet to attempt to capture in WoW tonight, and then I have to get to bed for work early in the morning. This week is going to be a very busy one!

Happy reading, ladies and gentlemen.


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