Sunday, Blogging Sunday

I should really be in bed and not blogging. I spent most of the day today with a fever, runny nose, sore throat, and major sinus pressure all around. I have tried to be careful with exposing myself to people who are sick, but you know that these colds just happen sometimes. The outcome? I called in sick to work, bought some Heather-approved meds, ate some chicken soup – lovingly prepared by Matt – and am taking it easy,

Sick or not, laundry will be getting done tomorrow.I am running out of clean socks.

This weekend was lovely. Harmony and Haven’s birthday party was today and it was a fun affair, despite feeling like poop. Not wanting to leave the puppy crated for hours and hours, we got permission to bring her with us. She did much better than I believed she would with the exposure to many people at once and, at mouth level, a handful of energetic children.

When she was done playing, she crashed. Hard.

The theme this year was rainbows and unicorns. As is normal, Heather made matching outfits for the girls and the cake was made by the sister of a friend of Heather’s. It was delicious, I think. With the stuffy nose and, well, everything, it was hard for me to taste anything. The texture was fabulous, how about that?

Another fun thing we did today was use Heather’s doppler to hear my baby’s heartbeat. This was the first time Maggie and Clayton could have the chance to hear it, and Heather’s kids got into the find-the-sound game too. My kid does not play well when we’re trying to find it, that is for sure.

The rest of this week has been rather uneventful. We got Luna’s second set of shots and are well on our way to having her in a safe position to socialize and take puppy training classes, but there is still one more set to get. She has doubled in size since her last shot three weeks ago, jumping from an undernourished five pounds to eleven. She is gorgeous too.

There is not a whole lot on the agenda this week. Work is inevitable, but they have been very accommodating with assigning me responsibilities that are safe for a pregnant chick. The people are amazing too; I am having a blast working with them. I do not like the idea of working retail for the rest of my life, but it will be alright for a while.

That is going to do it for me today. There are likely a few things I am leaving out that are worth mentioning, but in my sickened haze I do not care a whole lot. I am sure I can make up for it later.

Oh, and yay for Super Bowl weekend and a visit from the in-laws!

Happy reading, ladies and gentlemen.


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