I am taking the cheater’s route on my blog today. I know I did not set a goal for blogging quantity or schedule, but I do admit I feel better having blogged on Sunday night.

I worked nearly every day this week. I am still only working thirty hours or less per week, but having to battle the unusual cold that has permeated New Mexico this winter makes getting up at 0430 very painful. I am not unfamiliar with a very early schedule or a long work week, but the chill in the mornings sucks the life from me.

I can hear all my Canadian friends snickering at me right now. Yes, I know I do not have to battle six feet of snow and sub-freezing wind on a daily basis. Regardless, I will continue to complain because this winter is abnormally uncomfortable for my home.

We have been in our house for a month now and I love the feel of it when I walk through the door. We checked the block on 90% of the furniture we felt we needed – or wanted bad enough to tackle debt for it – and now we could entertain a party if we felt the urge to do so. The walls are bare, but we still do not know what themes we want or which pictures we will frame to display. We both have  a few ideas, but money restrictions force us to keep brainstorming for now.

Luna is making herself quite at home here. Chaos and Cairo accept her, although Chaos actually roughhouses with her almost daily. I still marvel at his patience and gentleness with her, but I have seen him put her in her place when she gets a bit out of hand. Cairo still does not care for Luna, but she has become more accommodating of space they share. The few times Cairo lets Luna smell her make me smile. It will take much longer for Cairo to be okay with Luna, but she accepted Chaos so there is hope for them to develop a friendship.

I cannot wait until we get Luna’s next set of shots so we can start walking her, taking her to puppy training, and socializing her. She is getting cabin fever, even though she does not necessarily know what that is. Aside from a puppy’s energy and a border collie’s proclivity to chew and nibble, she has been a joy. She is brilliant, but also extremely stubborn. I am excited to see her grow.

That is going to do it for me tonight. I am looking forward to a much easier week than I have had the past few, Harmony and Haven’s birthday party, a visit from Matt’s parents, and life in general. I am also looking forward to the Super Bowl on a ginormous TV.

Happy reading, ladies and gentlemen.

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