As I prepare to write the closing to my blogging endeavor in 2012, I am pleased to say that I accomplished all that I set out to do. My goal was to blog more and I admit that is very vague, but I elaborated by saying I would blog at least once a week this year. I was successful, even if I feel the urge to admit that there were a couple that were more check-the-block than actual blogging.

What a year it has been! January opened the new year with my peers and me in the first of our two final courses of college. The beginning of March found me engaged and graduated with more accolades than I believed myself capable of achieving. April and May were filled with getting Matt out of his nearly unused apartment in Washington and moved to New Mexico. June closed with a lovely trip to Las Vegas in which we spent a bunch of time with some of my closest Army friends and we got married.

Sadly, June was also the beginning of a true level of frustration in regards to the degree I fought to acquire and the lack of interest in having me as an employee. Anywhere. Matt has always been supportive, but even he could not help with how cranky I was beginning to feel. It was at this point that I attempted to go back into the Army to go to OCS and do some really great things.

Spoiler alert: I was not allowed to rejoin the active duty. I was not denied from the Army Reserves, but the length of time and prerequisites would have amounted to two years or more before I could even petition to go to OCS. That was close enough to rejection that I opted to join the Army National Guard. “OCS is all you want? That’s easy. What else?” That was reason enough for me.

I would never have even considered the National Guard as an option if it were not for Christin, her dad, and her uncle. I wrote a highly depressing, totally self-deprecating blog that was the pinnacle of personal doubt and self loathing after more than six months without hope for employment. It still stings a little, but I am uplifted by Christin’s constant support and by her dad and uncle’s willingness and motivation to help a total stranger.

During the process of going into the Army National Guard, Matt and I were also neck deep in paperwork to buy a house. Oh yeah, and I found out I was pregnant. This year could not have been filled with more stuff – both good and bad – and I am wholly pleased with the outcomes. Some things were a bit out of the socially-accepted order of things, but I have never been one to follow trends and norms.

Next year looks to be much more mellow than 2012. The birth in July will likely be the big news, but I will be sure to fill many blogs before that. I have not yet decided if I will continue my weekly blogging ritual for 2013. I admit that writing at all is comforting and, for me, necessary. The schedule also gives me something solid and predictable in a world that is often far from that. I am also frequently humbled to find out who reads my blog. More of my college instructors do than I could have ever imagined, and that will always lift my spirits.

So yeah, you can probably expect me to keep blogging weekly next year. Upgrade to twice weekly? Daily? I do not think that is an endeavor I am ready to undertake. Maybe I will consider it in 2014, although someone might need to remind me that I said that when I do the final blog of 2013. My memory can be really pathetic sometimes.

There is a lot about 2012 that I am leaving out, but mainly because mentioning them specifically would require elaborating and I know I have blogs that cover them all. The year has been filled with trips, visits and vacations, status changes, hopes and dreams, rekindling friendships that have been dormant way too long, and cherishing the relationships that affect me so deeply – from people I speak to frequently or sporadically.

Yeah, even when things suck, I am still one of the luckiest people in the world. Swear it.

The biggest news this week is the newest addition to the family: Luna. She is a border collie/German shepherd cross and is around eight weeks old. Matt and I had been discussing getting a dog for quite some time, but had still planned on waiting a few more months before we really got serious with looking for one.

She's a cutie!
She’s a cutie!

All of my animals have been shelter animals. With cats, it is easy to find a young one – if that is your preference – or a certain color or breed. With dogs, unfortunately, it is hard to find puppies. When you do, you are generally restricted to what is available. Matt has never owned a dog before, so I was pretty serious about finding a young dog – preferably a puppy – so he could experience the whole range of the joys of owning a dog.

When a family member of a friend found their dog having a litter, we initially considered it and then decided against getting one because we wanted to wait until a little closer to the birth of our kid. A couple weeks passed and the puppies were still available and, truthfully, were from two breeds that I absolutely love. That basically decided it for us. If we had waited, we would have been at the mercy of the shelter and the breeds/ages available to us. We would have been happy with the new dog, but secretly, I would have always lamented the stages that Matt would have missed.

So now Matt can learn about potty training, whining, crying, getting into stuff, breaking things, having accidents… all before he will be forced to deal with it anyway. I think we jumped the gun, but I am still happy with the outcome. Luna will be very happy here and the cats are getting used to her slowly. Chaos has actually played with her, but Cairo is always a bit slow to accept change. She will get there.

With that, I will close out the final blog of 2012. Maybe next year I will find a centralized theme for my blog. Then again, maybe not.

I wish everyone the best. Be safe and have fun this New Year’s Eve, and I hope to see you again next year.


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