It’s Home

Okay, so it is still a disaster, but we have enough unpacked and put away that the house feels like home. Okay, my laundry is not hung or put away, but I will get to it… eventually. Having only met one set of neighbors, I cannot comment that the neighbors are awesome – although the ones we have met are – but we hoped to initiate good relationships with the strangers by giving them some homemade breads for Christmas.

No, I did not bake the breads. Are you crazy? I burn water.

I appreciate the effort my mom went through to make four different types of bread – cranberry/orange, banana, pumpkin, and zucchini – in small, individual-sized loaves. She packaged them nicely and used them as an excuse to come up with my stepdad, aunt, and niece to see the house. It was a lovely visit, but we did not do anything noteworthy. We watched ‘Rio’ and laughed as my niece played up and down our stairs.

The new job is working out nicely, and it is quite a workout as well. My mornings are early, but getting off before noon is a nice opportunity to spend time with Matt during the day. The labor is extremely physical and busy, but the team has the entire process down to an art and even in the role of “new chick” I can see the methodical nature of everything they do. They all know I am expecting, so the heavy or awkward boxes are always met with another pair of hands and a reminder that I should not lift it.

Thankfully, they do not make me feel like an invalid and they let me continue to work. Their only reminders are to be careful and take advantage of team members before I lift anything crazy. Most of the people are awesome, but every group has its onesies and twosies that can be negative or overbearing. Even the ones on my team are not that bad, so I consider myself very lucky.

I know there will be a few people flabbergasted that I am blogging before dinner, much less before bedtime. Today, I figured being a bit responsible was the proper course, considering my wake-up time tomorrow is 0230. Christmas Eve is the last major truck of the holiday season and because of the holiday, the truck will come earlier than usual. I can promise that it will be a very long day for me.

Christmas this year will find Matt and me at Maggie and Clayton’s house with my mom and stepdad, my grandfather, my aunt, my sister and her husband, and my nieces and nephew. There are definite benefits to living so close to so much of my family. Holidays mean getting together and making memories. Anyone who knows me also knows I love a good crowd as well. As my sister’s kids get older, holidays and family get-togethers are having more of an effect on them. They are looking forward to them and remembering them at later times.

Another thing to look forward to this week is Girls Day Out. My mom wanted to get the girls together, including some of our local friends, for lunch or dinner. It will be nice to (hopefully) have all the girls together to chat and hang out. Even if it ends up only being family, there is enough estrogen among us to fill a section of any restaurant, so it will surely be an enjoyable experience.

Chores for today include laundry and (finally) trying out the super-ultra-awesome bathtub that came with the new house. I tried to take a bath last weekend, but there was an issue with the hot water. It existed, but it required rotating the handle all the way to scalding. This brought lukewarm water at the tiniest trickle imaginable. The fix? We called a plumber and he tinkered with it for a few minutes before slamming the handle to the hot side. Fixed.

Hot bath coming, woo!

On that note, I will depart for my chores and my bath. Whatever holiday you opt to celebrate, if any, I wish you the best and happiest holiday you can experience.

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