A Disaster…

… But at least it is our disaster. I hope everyone will forgive me a very brief blog tonight as I am exhausted and overjoyed at the same time.

Tuesday of this week found us actively moving into our new home. We rented, loaded, and unloaded nearly everything we owned in less than four hours – not counting the hour drive in between… let’s not get crazy. The little things we forgot or left on purpose were brought in my mom’s little, blue truck that day or the day after. Wednesday found us with a non-stop bit of traffic as technicians came to hook up utilities both necessary and frivolous and movers brought our new couches, bedroom set, and appliances.

Aside from house stuff, this week also had me beginning a new job. There is a hint of bitterness to the job, but the truth is that it is not that bad. Sure, I got a fabulous degree at an amazing school only to unload trucks at Target, but at least I like to shop there. I do wonder sometimes how different my life would be if someone had actually hired me at a company to which I had applied after I graduated. Would Matt and I have bought a house wherever the job was? Would I be back in the Army? Would I be expecting a child next July?

Who knows? Life has a funny way of happening regardless of the situation in which we find ourselves.

I have not written in depth about it, but my choice for the birth of our child is a home birth with a midwife. As Matt and I get this process truly rolling, we had our first “real” appointment with our midwife, Jenny West, yesterday. The get-together was mainly paperwork, but I allowed my mom and stepdad to come so they could be acquainted with, and comfortable with, the midwife we chose. There was a “medical” perk associated with the visit as well: my mom, stepdad, Matt, and I got to hear the heartbeat of our child for the first time.

I am a pretty stoic individual. I do not cry at Hallmark commercials, although the pet cruelty and humane association commercials sometimes get me. I did not cry at hearing the heartbeat, but mom got close enough. She is the one that cries at Hallmark commercials though, so it was not too much of a surprise. Matt did not show a lot of emotion, but the smile on his face was enough for me. I do agree with his sentiment that the doppler machine sounded as much like a bad science fiction movie as a baby’s heartbeat though.

That is going to do it for me tonight. This blog is half the length of the majority of my others, but I covered enough to make me happy before I crash for the night. I had considered talking about WoW and raiding, but my heart just was not in it. Maybe next week I will, or maybe I will not. I never know what the next subject will be!

Happy reading, ladies and gentlemen. I hope next week finds me with enough energy to really let loose with my blog.

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