What is your zombie apocalypse plan?

I do not generally open a conversation with this question. I am not scoffing at the impossibility (or improbability) of a zombie apocalypse, but think of it with a bit more of an open mind. With a zombie apocalypse, you face many of the same things as a natural disaster: worry for family, loss, struggle, safety concerns, want and hunger, and so many other things.

I have been having a very strange string of nightmares. The only reason they register at all is because they differ from the normal scary dreams most soldiers face. I cannot definitively say that these nightmares are about a zombie apocalypse, but I have seen enough zombie television and movies to be able to associate it as such.

Panicked searches for friends and loved ones. Check.

Dire need for safety. Check.

Battles with other survivors for food. Check.

Firearm or other implement of protection glued to body. Check.

In retrospect, it could very well be the same dreams most soldiers deal with on a regular occasion, but the location in these recent dreams is wrong. It is at home, or in a warehouse, but pretty much located on the streets I currently occupy as opposed to the dusty, drab, colorless streets of my previous deployments.

A notable difference to these nightmares is the lack of panic. I do not wake up in fear or disoriented, but I do wake heightened, touchy. Along with not being able to easily get back to sleep, I am in a state of “Do. Hurry. Go.” This feeling includes things like mentally checking escape routes, non-perishable food tallies, and ammo quantities generally used in range shooting.

I know most people scoff at the likelihood of a zombie plague, but I will say it again: think in terms of general disaster. Hurricane. Earthquake. Record-breaking blizzard. Tsunami. Aliens. Do you have a plan in place for your household and other family members? I am not saying to go to Costco and purchase every can of non-perishable food and every drop of water, but think about it next time you hear of some other region surviving a disaster. You know they are wishing they had considered it.

Aside from zombie apocalypse nightmares, Matt and I are currently in California. Book-ending the major holiday travel, we get to spend ten days here this time. Thanksgiving was the main motivator and it was fabulous. I brought Maggie’s “cranberry stuff” recipe and Clayton’s sweet potato recipe to contribute and they were both a big hit. It was also very nice to have those touches from home.

We have been able to make two trips so far: one to Concord to see Kim and Heather, and one to Santa Cruz to see Asher, Ben, and Dave. I am saddened that we were unable to see a few others, but it was a holiday weekend and to be understood that some people might have family members they wanted to see more than us. The company at Kim and Heather’s was very enjoyable and I got to meet some very interesting people. At Asher’s, we got to geek it up with card and tabletop games that brought back great memories for me.

There is not really a whole lot planned between now and our departure on Thursday. Some pictures, a trip into San Francisco, and some general hanging out at home. I am nervous about getting back to Albuquerque because my first weekend back will be my first National Guard weekend. While I know it is safe to assume it will operate much like my time in the Reserves, there is still some new-shiny aspect that gives me cause to wonder.

And everyone knows when I wonder, I worry.

I am really proud of Sarah right now. In a time of struggle and unknown, she is exercising options she might not have previously considered. It is not my place to elaborate any further than that, but I could not let this blog pass without reiterating the pride I have for her, and the constant support I have to give her. She might need yours too in the coming months, but I will keep you posted on that as best I can without treading into her territory.

Baby news is minimal. After the emotional blog last week, I do not have much to offer this week. I have scheduled my appointment with a midwife for the week after we get home to get that process started, but I am really hoping the first one is a good fit for me. The idea of interviewing people to be a part of this process sounds daunting and disheartening.

And I thought getting married covered that role anyway. I mean, he is going to be there for every body function (including birth).

House news is also on hold while we are vacationing in California. The process itself is not stopped, but we are far ahead in all our tasks and have a little breathing room. Technology also makes it possible to continue fulfilling these tasks as they arise. As of right now, it is looking very bright and optimal to close on our house the second or third week in December. This saddens me only a little bit, and this is only because I will not be moved in enough to justify dredging out the Christmas decorations. Next year, however, I plan on decorating that house like you would not believe.

That will end it for this blog. Zombies, vacation, National Guard, baby, and house… I think that is my whole life right now.

Life is good… zombies or not.


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