Make Memories

I told my sister tonight that I was struggling to sort the information I wanted to share in this week’s blog. There is so much going on in my life that I cannot seem to find a place to start that will help me flow into everything. So I will dabble and see where things go.

After a very small amount of negotiating, Matt and I have reached an agreeable price with the sellers of the house we chose. While the money stuff is not happening until December, we have essentially bought a house. I have posted a picture of the front of our new home on Facebook, but have not yet had the chance to take pictures of my own of the inside or the back yard. That will be remedied tomorrow.

Telling the agent the day before yesterday that we have a deal made me realize how little Matt and I have to put into our new home. I donated my couches, book shelves, and some other things to the Salvation Army when I graduated college, and I gave my dad the frame for my bed so he could have a fully equipped guest room in his house. Our house has a refrigerator, an oven and microwave, and a dishwasher. What it lacks that falls into the “immediate need” category is a washer and dryer.

Hey, a woman has to have some clean socks, does she not?

So our immediate list is a washer and dryer and a bed – although I would like to make it the full bedroom set because it will give us space for our clothes. I also think we will wait for the whole set because upgrading from just-for-now to permanent furniture can include disposing of – either via recycling, donating, or hauling to the city dump – the old stuff. I know it is a luxury not often afforded to young people, but I really hope we can get it right the first time. If it means we are sleeping on a box spring and mattress on the floor for a while, so be it. We are patient.

This evening I was asked what else we would need. This is a humbling question for me because it reminds me how many people are always looking out for me. Even if the only thing they can offer is manual labor to move me from one house to the other, the support is immeasurable. It is unquantifiable. It is appreciated in so many ways that I do not have the capacity to show it properly. The ones who want to take me shopping scare me though. I am grateful, but I know some of my family can be… fun… to shop with.

Other than house stuff, my mind seems to wander to my first time meeting my National Guard unit. It was as I expected, but enjoyable nonetheless. Thankfully, the unit is only a handful of miles from the house we are buying, so having only one car will be a minor inconvenience at most. I was not really given a position or responsibility when I met the unit this weekend, but knowing I will be leaving them for OCS in March probably means they use me where they need me and I am assigned to no one particular position. This works for me because I would hate to be mid-project or training and have it be time to leave.

I am a bit nervous about OCS. Truthfully, the school itself is easy. Show up at the right time, in the right uniform, and be ready to train. What makes me nervous is how different it will be from other military schools I have attended. The similarities and differences between active duty schools specifically are what makes me wonder. I am excited, but I also want to excel. I have a lot of people cheering for me, so it is important to me that I do not disappoint them.

My kitty, Cairo, is sick. Mom says it is just a cold, but the watery eyes and sneezing break my heart. I know how to take care of a cat, but simple things like this make me question how well I am doing my job. I know it is not as serious as this, but it makes me wonder what I did wrong that allowed her to catch a cold. Maybe it is worse because she snuggles more when she is sick, it seems. Not generally a cuddling cat, she has slept on me almost every time I have been on the couch the past two days.

And she meows in her sleep.

My final thought is simple: I cannot wait for the political season to be over. Politics, like religion, cause rifts in friendships and families like nothing else I have ever seen. A simple comment said at dinner, or an anti-this-person post on Facebook, and suddenly there is strife. We have friends and family blocking and deleting people from their online social networks because of alternate views or beliefs. I had a man tell me he was “pretty sure of my political views” because he knew the views of another family member.

I will say this: I was hard pressed not to say “I would not be so sure of that, sir.”

Wednesday will find me waking up with a sigh of relief. There will be political posts still, always. It is true that they will not have the same cut-throat ferver of those we will see all day tomorrow. Wednesday is going to be a beautiful day.

If you are one of those people, watch my Facebook or Twitter pages for pictures of the house. If you are not, I can assure you patience will likely yield pictures of the house in next week’s blog. I am excited enough about it to take pictures that look similar to the ones in the house posting that piqued our interest in this home in the first place.

2 thoughts on “Make Memories

  1. Good luck on the new home. That’s exciting! Remember that you have forever to fill it up. Once you fill it up, you just feel you need something bigger, haha.

    I agree about the political season. As one who speaks her mind (can you believe it?) I probably lost a few FB friends, although I tried to restrain. And I did restrain from responding to those who disagreed, although I have to say I deleted one person, not really a friend. I did refuse to mention politics in my blog for that very reason, haha. Regardless, I’m glad it’s over, because I was going into overload. Back to meaningless television programming. 🙂


    1. I love that you speak your mind! When you get preachy, you don’t stick your fingers in your ears and go “la-la-la-la” at other opinions or ideas. Now, I do not know whether this is true regarding politics, but I am just fine and dandy with you keeping your blog politic-free (and thankfully, NOT discussion-free).

      There is so much news going on now, and not just our new house. Sunday blog coming though! Might bother you for advice. 🙂



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