Ow, My Face

It turns out that getting my wisdom teeth removed was a simple process. Having heard horror stories from friends and family members for years, I was always a little smug that I only had top wisdom teeth – my bottom teeth do not even exist – and that the Army let me keep them for so long. They had come in straight, so there was no need to pull them.

This April, when I was told that they needed to come out, some of that smugness dissipated as I became just like everyone else. Suddenly I was recalling the awful experiences my friends and family had with having their teeth removed. On top of the general anxiety that comes with hearing those things, I do not like dentists.

The surgery itself was quick and painless. I opted to be completely sedated and Matt had me back at home an hour after the appointment itself. The picture he took of me sleeping off the sedation and cuddling with Chaos is fabulous and it seems that both of the cats knew I was a little out of it. They both took turns cuddling throughout the rest of the day.

Photogenic even when sedated and sleeping it off. Rock it.

The pain came after the sedation wore off. Matt made sure the house was stocked with ice cream, and I can vouch that I have had tomato soup and cheese sandwiches every day since my wisdom teeth were taken out. The hot and cold have been wonderful for both numbing and soothing the pain. Sleeping has been hard though. Generally a side sleeper, having my face pressed against the pillow has been excruciating and I keep waking up throughout the night.

Here I am three days later. The pain is down to uncomfortable, although I am still taking advantage of the ice cream, tomato soup, and cheese sandwiches. My mouth feels… smaller. The dentist allowed me to keep my wisdom teeth too. My sister is a crafty one and I am sure there is something creative she can make with them.

The rest of the week was amazing. Matt and I tested for our next belt levels in taekwondo on Monday and Tuesday. Testing is typically completed in one setting, but the school was doing us a favor by accommodating our upcoming travel schedule. So Monday night was two hours of sparring and Tuesday was the test for forms and general knowledge. We both did outstanding, although I did learn that I have been tying my belt wrong for… 15 years.

Oh well, learned and fixed.

It is that time of year again! The New Mexico State Fair happens every September and I am pleased that we were able to schedule our trip to California with enough time to allow a trip or two to the fairgrounds. Matt and I wandered the State Fair on Friday so we could take our time and do what we wanted. Saturday, we went to the State Fair Parade with Janessa, Kristle, and the kids. After Kristle left to go to work, the remaining group went to the fairgrounds.

Both days were glorious. The day with just Matt and me was relaxed and he commented on how he felt more at-home this year than he did last year. The day with the Ruiz family was a blast. We wandered, we ate bad food, we let the kids do some sand art, and then we rode some rides. Hanging out with them has been amazing and it feels like only days have passed and not ten years. Life is definitely good.

This week will find Matt and me traveling to California to spend some time with his mom and dad. Realistically it is to take care of some more dental work and Matt’s drivers license, but I LOVE having those excuses to get back there and hang out with them some more. There are a lot of plans to visit with other friends and I cannot wait to see everyone.

On that note, I am going to take advantage of the ice cream still sitting in the freezer and probably take a nap. Getting the blog done before bedtime is awesome because it leaves me time to do, well, nothing and consider other things I could write and add into it.

“All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go…”

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