Globetrotter/Tough Mudder

I am typically known to be traveling somewhere. The trips might vary in length or distance, but they happen often enough throughout the year that it is not often a surprise to the people in my life that I am up and moving again. I wish I could say that “moving” was the next trip on my list, but it is not that time yet.

I will have those answers in October.

I am really looking forward to our trip to California next month. The last visit was too brief for my liking and it seems like it was so long ago. Family has always been an important part of my life and I come from a large one, so it is important to me that I get to spend time with the newest part of mine.

Along with my need to be close to my entire family, it is always in my mind that Matt is their only son. I had my sister growing up and a slew of school and military brothers and sisters. Some of my closest friends talk to my mom as often as I do, more if I happen to not be living with her at the time.

So saying I am looking forward to the trip, for myself and for Matt, is an understatement. His entire life up to the point I met him is there. His history exists, like mine does in Albuquerque, in California and seeing that part of him is exciting. The area there is also very beautiful. Thankfully we are not driving this time though. While coming across the bridge was an event last time, I think I have checked that block and can visit it from the other side from now on.

Have you ever watched a video, heard a story on the radio, or read about a person overcoming an obstacle in a magazine or newspaper? We all have. We have all experienced the warm-fuzzy of seeing someone set a goal and work to achieve it. Maybe the goal was set to guarantee their life would continue, maybe it was raising the bar on a previous achievement, or maybe it is a competition with someone – even if that “someone” is themselves.

The pledge of a Tough Mudder. Better than any race or competition, this event is about teamwork, achieving goals, and working hard for something. I approve.

It is not the first time I have considered doing a Tough Mudder. The first time was when I was still in the Army. I do not think it was actually a Tough Mudder, but the course and creed was the same. Why did I not do it then? Being overweight was not the main issue, but the problems that stemmed from it – lethargy, apathy, sloth, etc. – were enough to stifle any motivation.

The next time the motivation hit me was while I was in Orlando going to Full Sail. I had started hitting the get-back-in-shape-and-stop-being-a-fat-slob goals as hard as I could and I knew people who were running in Tough Mudders across the country. I saw pictures, I heard stories, and I finally started thinking “I could do that.”

Side note: I LOATHE quotations/punctuation when I write. It is the ONLY time I second-guess myself. Was that last sentence correct?

Now I working on getting into a different kind of shape as I prepare for the possibility of going back into the Army. I have to work on my run time, my upper body strength, and my abs. What better way to do that than work towards something that was designed by military – not American, mind you – special forces and something that is fun to boot?

My problem now exists in other people. When building a team for something like this, there is naturally two places for my mind to go before it starts seeking interested parties. The first place is mentally listing the people I would love to have on my team, but know there is not a snowball’s chance in hell of it happening. The second place is mentally listing people that I know I would not have to ask twice.

Truthfully, a couple of these people will read this blog and contact me with a figurative elbow nudge and know that it had to be them to whom I was referring.

I pose these questions to my readers: would you be interested? What would you need to do to get prepared for it? Why would you want to be a Mudder?

It is a strange thing that is calling me to do this, and the endeavor is tougher still because I do not know where I will be for any of the Tough Mudder events in 2013. If the team I build includes people who live in other cities or countries, how do we select a specific event that will be suitable for everyone? How do we keep each other in line to stay motivated to train?

Maybe it is still too soon for me. It is on the list of things to do, however, and I would love to have a team of people who can be motivated to prepare and push each other, all while having a good time and not taking it too seriously.

Is that even possible?

As I close the blog for this week, I wanted to mention a few little things not deserving of any real thought or planning. Matt, my mom, and I have recently started using MyFitnessPal to track our food consumption, exercise, and water intake. Any doctor will tell you that getting healthier can often be made easier by keeping a log of what goes into your body. MyFitnessPal does that and I am loving how it keeps me on track during the day.

Like all things, it is to be used only as a guide and not to replace any licensed professional in any way. Consider it a tool in the toolbox to building a better you. If you want to give it a shot, and want to peek at my food and exercise diaries online, feel free to friend me. My username there is ZahnAmanda.

There was something else I wanted to mention before I went to bed, but it has slipped my mind. Naturally. So I will depart and kick myself tomorrow when it comes to me.

Have a great week, everyone.

4 thoughts on “Globetrotter/Tough Mudder

  1. I would love to be able to do something like Tough Mudder but I suck – like really suck at physical stuff. Good luck to you there!

    Calorie counters like MyFitnessPal are the only way I can make myself accountable for how much I snack. If I indulge it has to be something really worth it since I have pie chart (mmm pie) telling me how that one cupcake bumped my daily fat percentage to >35%.


    1. Someone had told me about MyfitnessPal a few months ago, but I was on track with workouts and my eating schedule. Living at home, and not having a job, has a way of making me lazy about keeping a good record of things. And I suck at some physical stuff, but I know I could do this. I bet with the right motivation, you would excel in a Tough Mudder! I will make sure and keep things updated if this does get off the ground. 🙂


    1. I love that and I love how laid back the whole organization is (from the event, to the teams, to the don’t-take-it-too-seriously mantra). This is right up my alley! The only thing that is daunting is the real “work” involved. Even that can be exciting!



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