Many Steps

With every passing step and task, I find myself closer and closer to my goal. It is still beyond my ability to “magic” it into existence and many still say it is a long shot, but I continue to progress, to check my boxes,  to squash the naysayers. I find myself staring at a week or two or three of waiting, wondering.

I went to MEPS on Friday. My memory of the process last time, nearly ten years ago, is hazy, but I surprised myself with some of the things I remembered. Watching the young people nod off – 0530 is earlier than most of them were used to – made me wonder if I had the same struggles the first time.

My ducks were in a row and the process went smoothly with no flaws at all. I am in great health, my eyesight is perfect, and my hearing is outstanding. Hearing these things did not surprise me, but it was refreshing to have someone in the medical field comment on my health.

While I dressed after the naked portion of the medical exam, the doctor – who is at least 80 years old – and the female chaperone were talking about me. I am sure the doctor did not know how loud he would be, but he asked the chaperone if I had made the weight standard. She said I had and he commented that my weight was his only concern when we were conducting the interview before the exam.

If only he knew my story and what victories I have had in the last couple of years.

Matt and I took a lovely trip to Art Attack yesterday. For those that do not know, Art Attack is a business here in Albuquerque that offers the chance to pay for time and supplies to paint ceramic pieces. The prices of the items vary, but paying for the time offers unlimited paint, stencils, and other tips and tricks.

I selected a baby dragon – a surprise to none of you, I’d wager – and Matt selected a piece for his mother. I took a picture of him painting it and emailed it to his dad, but not knowing how much of a surprise he wanted it to be, I will refrain from discussing what type of piece he picked. It turned out beautifully, I can say honestly.

So I have gone to Art Attack twice and both times I have selected dragons to paint. This does not bother me, as I do love dragons, but I would eventually like to paint some dishes. First I must consider the theme for them. I could not possibly just go into the shop and wing it.

What if the plate did not match the teacup?!

Matt and I will go again eventually. Even though supplies and stencils and the like are provided for us, I think I will go to Hobby Lobby or Michaels and select a stencil that appeals to me to use for the dishes I will paint.

The problem that hounds me with my desire to paint a set of dishes, however, involves having an even number of each. One set will never suffice. Two would be great for symmetry in the cabinet, for sure, but four would mean Matt and I could have guests over to use them as well. Then my mind starts to consider using them for special occasions, which would involve having eight place settings…

Yeah, it never ends.

The week before me is riddled with waiting, wondering, and hoping. Matt and I will be making a trip to California sometime soon, if my schedule works. If it does not, then I will be forced to have Matt go alone. That makes me sad because it would be nice to see the Bay Area and Matt’s parents again. We each have to do what we have to do though.

I do have some chores to do. One chore is compiling three mini I-love-me books for the board members. Another is starting binders for taekwondo for Matt and me. Someday I would like to organize my paperwork in the nice filing box Matt got for me, but that someday will not be this week, I think.

Or next.


My blogs are much less interesting now than they were in the Myspace days, when I was hostile and angry, but have you shared my blog with anyone lately? Maybe there is something here for a friend or family member of yours.

Happy reading.


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