Cards and Pencils

We had an accidental game night at Maggie and Clayton’s yesterday. The main motivation was boredom because swimming was not going to happen, but we also had not had one in a while. We ran through most of the card games we played as young people – Egyptian Rat Screw, Speed, Bullshit – and we talked about playing others, but decided against them because of the required score-keeping – Golf and No-Name Game, mainly.

Score-keeping involves a lot of thinking.

We also played a round or five of Spoons. A noteworthy story involving Spoons would mention the concussion I got while playing with Jacqueline and Ashley while we were in Iraq, but I digress…

We ended the night with Pictionary. Anyone who has ever participated in a game night with my family knows how well my sister and I are as a team. Just like Bill Engvall’s skit about game night with his wife, my sister can draw a straight line and I will magically know the answer (or so it seems to our family). One of my favorite episodes was having to get my sister to say “quadruple bypass” by acting it out silently.

It turns out Matt and I are good partners for Pictionary. We had a few tough ones, but my “Toss” was epic and any of the All Play category that Matt drew were fast, clear, and awesome. I take that back, “Backache” did not work for either team. I would have liked to play Cranium, but two teams is not nearly enough to have an amazing time. It would have been fun, but it is much funner watching Maggie shake my mom’s hips to get her partner to say “Hula”.

Tomorrow is a big day for me and I should likely be in bed already. I am not, obviously, but I could be if I had blogged earlier in the day. Do not judge me, I procrastinate like a pro when it comes to my blog. Anyway, tomorrow is important. The recruiters are dropping me off at the hotel so I can go to MEPS Tuesday morning. The process starts early, so they generally offer a hotel stay downtown to ensure everyone gets there on time.

I am more nervous than I might seem. My trip to MEPS is just for a physical to make sure I will be capable of being a soldier again. Fear not, readers, I am not shipping off to some foreign country Tuesday morning. In a process that they are searching more for reasons to keep me out than bring me back, every step is vital and I have to make sure my ducks are in a row at all times.

So yeah, I am nervous. I have nothing wrong with me. As a matter of fact, I have LESS wrong with me than when I left the Army the first time. Losing 60 pounds will do that to a woman, I guess. Nothing wrong with me or not, I am still afraid of being turned away. I am a prime candidate for what I am trying to do, but Mother Army is raising standards and removing waivers in an attempt to control the influx of Lieutenants.

My support channels are vast and solid. As always, without them I would be lost in all things. My family has supported every choice I have ever made – even the bad ones – and my friends offer great advice all while asking the tough questions. Someone has to, and I will always appreciate the questions that make me angry… until I stop to think about the lesson involved.

My mind is racing. I hesitate to escalate “nerves” to “fear”, but it might be appropriate. What happens if Mother Army does not want me? As far as jobs go, nobody else seemed to either. Ugh, that is awfully melancholy and a little depressing. I am in a much better mood than it sounds like with that last sentence.

This past Wednesday was the evening of the taekwondo test for Matt and me. We both did outstanding, even if I do say so myself. The sparring was the only portion that concerned Matt, but I was extremely proud of how well he did. I would like to comment that I prefer olympic sparring to point because of the cheap and cheesy way the seven-foot-tall kid kept bonking me on the head for points.


It was a glorious evening and I think I slept for ten hours afterwards. I was TIRED! In the end, Matt and I were both promoted to our next belt level and I was awarded the best-in-show type prize that was given for the hardest worker during the test. Maybe working for that award was the reason I slept for ten hours. Just sayin’.

It is bed time, I think. I would like to get a chapter or six read in my book before sleep washes over me, but will settle for just sleep if it comes easily. With my nerves acting the way they are, however, I am planning on reading quite a bit.

I hope to have great news for next Sunday’s blog. If great news is lacking, I hope for a bit of good news at least. Bad news is not an option I will take willingly (and my family says I am pretty stubborn when I want something within my power to get).


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