Summer Fun

With few major travels planned for the rest of the summer, I have settled nicely in routine and I look forward to small occurrences, events, and visits. As I gather paperwork and letters of recommendation, I continue to browse – and apply to – various positions I could occupy. Some of these I would love and others I know I would not.

Sometimes that is considered a stepping stone towards something better, right?

This weekend has been a lot of fun. Maggie and Clayton had a lovely, little party at their house to celebrate June birthdays – mine and Edgar’s, mainly – and to watch the DVD of the wedding ceremony. My mom was the only one in the family who was able to watch the broadcast live, so Matt and I purchased the video.

We also invited Janessa and Kristle to bring their kids and enjoy some time in the swimming pool, to eat some steak and veggies, and to catch up on ten years of lost time. Sadly, Kristle could not join us, but Janessa and the kids came. I marveled at their kids, I’ll admit. My exposure to them has been minimal and I have not really had the chance to see them interact with other people or engage in play with each other.

The personality similarities between the girls and Janessa is striking and something that not everyone would be able to see. Granted, my memories might be a bit hazy from the combination of different times, different people, and different lives, but I do have vivid recollections of daring adventures in our youth.

To say we were two peas in a pod for quite some time would be an understatement and some of my best memories involved Janessa. We created much trouble and should probably have been arrested on more than one occasion.

The family and I went to see Pixar’s Brave this evening and after that we went to spend some time at Hinkle Family Fun Center. We have not spent much time in an arcade since we were younger and today was a blast. Go-karts, laser tag, and earning tickets to trade for things we could care less about was reminiscent of times in our youth.

Sarah moved away from New Mexico last week. She moved to Oregon to follow a job opportunity for her boyfriend and hopes to secure a job for herself once they get settled. It is not fun for me to know that we are again hundreds of miles apart, but Facebook and other technology offer avenues for us to keep in touch.

I do love having another person in the Pacific Northwest to use as an excuse to travel. I wish she was not put in the position without a job, but that is the way things have to go sometimes. Being without a job myself, I can understand how she feels.

I really missed her this weekend. Spending time with my family at Maggie and Clayton’s is something she has been a part of on many occasions. With Janessa also there this weekend, it would have been fitting to have another remnant of our youth swimming and playing with the kids.

Matt and I are considering a trip to El Paso next weekend to hang out with Heather and the family. With the holiday this week, the taekwondo place is closed for a few days and I have very little to do to busy myself. I do not know if we will decide to make the trip, but I should know in a few days or so.

Matt and I handled adult chores this week. Granted, it was just a trip to the Social Security Office to make sure the world knew we were legal and stuff, but it felt like grown-up chores. We will eventually need to make sure all of our individual paperwork is consolidated and whatnot, but that can come in time.

I feel the urge to go hiking, running, rock climbing, and skateboarding. It looks like I need to get out more often, but damn I thought I had enough hobbies. Maybe there are always room for a few more.

Happy reading.

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