Father’s Day

I admit that I love the new look of my blog. The theme is organized and that will always appeal to me. The complaint I choose to give, however, is the font. It is beautiful when published, but when I write the post it looks strange. This does not change how I blog, but it does make me consider a bit more about how it might look on the final product.

This post is a simple celebration of Father’s Day. In recent years, I have done little to harken Mother’s or Father’s Day. If I remembered either, there might have been cards sent, but I generally did not. I have a slight distaste for days dedicated to our parents because of my time working at the flower shop. Delivering flowers on any special holiday was always a nightmare and it has affected me.

That, and I am terribly forgetful and a chronic procrastinator.

Yesterday I sent Matt back to California. There is both good and bad associated with this trip. The good is that Matt can be with his parents for Father’s Day. The prompt for this trip was, sadly, the forthcoming loss of Lonny’s dad. He had been in hospice care for a few weeks, maybe a couple of months, at this point and his wife and son were saying their goodbyes.

Matt and Lonny spent a lot of time together when they were younger, putting Lonny in the appropriate role of an older brother and closest friend. As such, Matt spent a lot of time with Lonny’s mom and dad. I knew that the loss of Lonny’s dad would affect him – even if men never say so. Along with Matt’s feelings, Lonny would need the support.

I am glad Matt made it last night. He got to see everyone and, this morning, Lonny’s dad said goodbye to this world. I think if Matt had opted not to go, he would have regretted it. I am glad I got to meet him, even if it was brief.

In lighter news, Wednesday will find me and Matt in Las Vegas again. It is a gathering of many of my military friends and I have not seen some of these men and women in 5 years. We do not have a lot planned, but what is planned will be amazing. I will make sure and take pictures this time.

My heart is driven by the writing I do – both the public and the private writing. Lately, though, my mind has been racing with thoughts I cannot separate. I feel like I have homework, and a PT test, and a party (that I must plan by myself), and a speech to give… I cannot quiet my racing mind. You would think that having a hundred thoughts would give me ample blog fodder.

Sadly, nope.

One thought on “Father’s Day

  1. Let the thoughts flow. People always tell me I’m a good sounding board. It works especially well if you just tell me to shut up and listen. 😛

    Love ya and can’t wait for this weekend. I’ll need a good time.



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