Happy Birthday

With my birthday yesterday, and a really great date night with the fiance, my planning and prep time for writing this week has gone down the tube. With that information now public, I am semi-boycotting the whole institution of blogging this week. Things to write about during the next week:

  • The most painful hamstring injury I have ever experienced
  • Taekwondo and the soothing effect it has on me
  • The Sunshine Blogger Award given to me by SzaboInSlowMo from She Can’t Be Serious (I promise I am almost done with the post!)
  • The job hunt, scarce game, and my ongoing thought process for my future
  • Wedding planning
  • The Weight Loss Challenge


Maybe these will all get crammed into next Sunday’s blog, but I would like to have the award post done by tomorrow or Tuesday (if Monday and Tuesday work with me; they never do). During the day tomorrow, Matt and I are going “touristing” around Santa Fe to spend some time with Sarah before she moves away from me. Oregon is beautiful though, so I know she will love it.

On that note, Happy birthday to me and I am going to bed. Make-up blog incoming soon, but only because I am going to wake up tomorrow and hate myself for this cop-out. Happy reading, ladies and gentlemen.


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