Good Weather Fairies

Matt and I continue to wow our friends and families by selecting the most gorgeous days to do tourist stuff. I will get to that in a moment.

Most of the people closest to us already know that getting married this week did not work out the way we planned. For those that do not know the details, however, I can say that it was a combination of the legal system in California and less-than-stellar planning on our part. There were moments where our support system stutter-stepped, but that is to be expected when you shake things up like we do. They are still behind us – and always will be – even if they need a day or five to wrap their mind around things.

When the planning turned into hearing the phrase “I know a guy who might be able to…” from more than one person close to us, I knew it was time to stop pushing it. There is no need to rush. I am still marrying him; he is doomed to that, I assure you.

So, no, we are not getting married this trip. Will we before the ceremony? Maybe we will and maybe we will not. I can say that we likely will not tell anyone. This will allow the ceremony to be the important date to everyone.

More travels, “touristing”, and visits! We have been exceedingly lucky in selecting dates and locations that shine. Literally. When we were in Seattle the sun was shining, there was no rain, and the photos were the kind that professionals waited ages to get. This trend continued with the drive to California. Arriving at the Golden Gate Bridge on full display with no cloud cover was unusual. It was not “supposed” to happen for a first-time viewer like me.

The good weather fairies graced us even further with a beautiful Saturday afternoon. When Sarah arrived on Friday, we discussed the plans for the weekend since a wedding was not part of it. We opted to ride BART into San Francisco, see Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf, and ferry out to see Alcatraz. We “checked the block” on multiple lists – like Sarah’s list to see Alcatraz, and my list to ride a ferry. The sun shone from morning to night, and we ended the day tired, sore, and fulfilled. The pictures were gorgeous, but I have not posted any yet.

I have been too lazy – er… “energy efficient” – to do it today.

Other perks from this week include spending time with friends! We had a random lunch or dinner as time permitted, but planned before we even arrived in California was an evening with Elf and Ferral, or Kim and Heather to you non-WoW players. It was quite a drive, but so worth it to finally meet them. Matt has known them because they have been guildies in one form or another for quite some time, but it was my first time meeting them in real life.

They cooked dinner for us, and we spent hours just talking. Their cat filled my need for some animal love while I continue to miss my babies and we left with yet another bid to find a place in the Bay Area and live here. I promised to consider it – the same promise I gave to everyone I had met here so far – as long as the job situation dictated living here.

Ugh, the job situation… Here we are at the last week in April. When I applied for the internship at Blizzard Entertainment, I knew that notifications would go to possible interns in April. A week ago, @BlizzardCareers tweeted that the period for notifications was extended to around the first week in May. So it is not looking like the internship will be mine, but I still have a week or so to worry about it. A beacon of hope, however, is the recent note I got from someone who works at Blizzard Entertainment. Now, the note only inquired whether I had yet been contacted about the internship, but the fact that he checked on my progress will carry me to the end of the waiting period.

It is motivating in a way I cannot accurately describe.

The week ahead will be an extension of the whirlwind we have experienced since we left Albuquerque, but it will also end right where it started. We will fly to San Diego on Wednesday to greet Johnny and celebrate the end of his contract with the cruise ship. I talked to Christine on the phone today and that made it seem even more real. I am baffled (not really) that the only cemented plans we have involve food: Chinese Garden the night we get there, Pat & Oscar’s for lunch another day, and Bennigan’s to allow Matt and Johnny to get to know each other a little better.

Plans other than food will come. Or we will eat and wing it. Either way, we will be fed!

At this point in the afternoon, I will close. Dinner tonight is a grand affair with Matt, his mom and dad, and some friends of their family. It will be nice to put faces to the names I have heard so often during my visit.


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