It Smells Like Fish In Here

It has been a lovely week for me. Matt and I flew to Seattle, Washington and have been preparing his apartment for the move. No, we do not have a destination in mind, but the word “move” is used only because there is packing and shipping involved with consolidating our lives. His stuff will be shipped to Albuquerque, New Mexico – where my stuff is currently being stored – and we will drive from Seattle to California so he can sell his car. If selling his car does not work, his parents are there to help.

I am looking forward to the trip from here to California. Okay, I am lying. The trip from here to there irks me, but only because I am getting tired of driving across the country. I am excited to meet Matt’s Aunt Kate on the way to the San Francisco Bay area, and getting to spend some time with Matt’s parents and Matt in his “natural habitat.” Ugh, the drive does not excite me though. It will be gorgeous, and I can promise that next week’s blog will gush about the sights, the smells, and the sounds, but right now I just want to pout about it.

Matt and I flipped the tourist switch on Friday. He acknowledged that he had not spent much time exploring since he has lived here, and he has taken very few pictures of what he has seen. So we went into Seattle to see the Pike Place Market and the Space Needle. The Market was exactly as I pictured it. For those that might have the comparison, it is identical to the New Mexico State Fair halls with the vendors, the food, and the personality. The difference here is that it is an everyday thing.

So we perused the homemade <insert crafty item here> and tasted the <insert sugary sweet goodness here> and ended up purchasing some jelly, some lotion, some salt water taffy, and a sand-stuff dragon that screamed at me (figuratively) the second we walked into the Market. I was overjoyed to see the fishmongers, flowers of varying sizes and colors, and fresh fruit and vegetables – just like I had seen in the movies. It would please me greatly to live close to Pike Place Market to be close to the freshest of the fresh fish, fruits, and vegetables.

Talk about the doorway to a healthier life, right?

After the Market, Matt took me to the Space Needle. The Needle is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, so the items in the gift shop were decorated to commemorate the event. The ride to the top was in an elevator that had an open view on one side. The ride was very brief, so taking pictures was unnecessary. This is especially true because this elevator spit us out at the top – where the real pictures could be taken.

We walked the circumference of the Needle at the top, took many pictures, and just enjoyed the view while we waited for word that our table was ready in the SkyCity restaurant.

Seated by the window, I realized that we could not have had a prettier day. The sun was shining, the clouds often associated with Seattle were gone. It was brisk outside, but inside that restaurant, you would not know how chilly. The SkyCity restaurant takes 47 minutes to rotate the complete 360°, and we were there long enough for a full rotation and then some. It was simply gorgeous.

The food was delicious too. We had crab cakes for an appetizer and I had a pulled pork sandwich for the meal. I cannot remember what Matt had, but it was some sort of meat thing; it might have been steak. We opted against desert, but only because I knew there was salt water taffy waiting for us in the car. After some amazing tourist fun, many great pictures, a delicious lunch, and a short drive back to Redmond, we came to the end of a perfect day. I do not think either of us could have asked for a better one.

The agenda this week? We are packing. Again. After this, the process will be much easier because there will be no logistics involved. “Is your stuff here or there?” “Are we putting this stuff there or here?” “Driving or flying?” “Cats coming or no?” These questions will all be minimized having both of our lives centralized in one place. We will get to stop and see Matt’s Aunt Kate in Oregon on the drive to California, spend some time with friends and family when we get there, and then will fly to see Johnny, Christine, and Katie towards the end of the month. Then it is back to New Mexico.

Plans after that? I still do not know. I wish I did, but I am still stuck.

2 thoughts on “It Smells Like Fish In Here

  1. I have several big moves coming up (same parts of the country 🙂 ) and I’m also looking forward to it and dreading it at the same time. He likes to drive so I’m usually off the hook there but this time I’m doing it all myself.


    1. I have driven long distances alone more than once. I will admit that it is easier having two people to share the responsibility. We are not pushing the trip too hard, thankfully. We could do the whole thing in a day, but that sounds as appealing to me as my upcoming dentist appointment…

      Ugh, probably should have mentioned my cavity in this week’s blog. Oh well, next week!



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