It Begins

I may have talked about waiting for word on the internship at Blizzard Entertainment, but today marks the first day of the “real” waiting. While none of us were given an exact date to expect any word on our status, Blizzard’s Twitter feed and the internship page both gave a general time frame for the month of April. If there is no word by the first of May, I can likely deduce that I have shortcomings that set me behind the competition. Would it mean I am inadequate or a failure? No, it would mean that someone who is not me was more prepared, more qualified, or better equipped.

I would still be extremely disappointed if I did not get that call or email, but it would not be disappointment with myself.

I will get that call or email though. I believe it. I know so.

Grr, my blog is reflecting the “blah” day I had today. Boredom would not be an accurate word for how I felt. It was more of a lost feeling, and the feeling encompassed everything. I could not seem to brainstorm for the wedding (no, I am not in any “planning” stage yet), wrap my head around any of my Photoshop practice, or get into my creative writing lessons. I cannot even begin to explain how badly I want to write right now either. Blogging is relaxing, sure, but I am referring to a more creative type.

I have always said that I would write a book someday. Is that someday today? No, it is not likely even this year, this decade. Between now and that someday, however, I would like to write more. It is not blog material though. I am a terrible critic of my own work and having the creative side of me so exposed is not something I am prepared to do so casually. One of these days I will possibly add a section to my blog that is geared for fiction, fantasy, creation, and imagination.

Someday. Always someday.

I cannot even seem to shake the whole of this Sunday from my shoulders. I had a great week. Matt and I went shooting with Eric, one of his coworkers, and a family member of that coworker. I got sunburned, and am terribly disappointed with my Glock. I am sore, sunburned, tired, and still suffering from the same allergies I was when I got to New Mexico. I need to go to the gym, and I need to run, but the altitude here is so disheartening. It does not seem to matter that I went to the gym regularly when I was in Florida; it means next to nothing here. I will get back to it tomorrow though.

Yeah, I am done for now. Heart is not into blogging tonight and I am missing my friends around the world. Hopefully next week will find me in a more familiar disposition than I am currently.


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