My life was never destined to be spent standing still. Every choice that I make, every goal that I accomplish, is not a stopping point. It seems as if I never have a chance to stop and victory dance. I celebrate and I relish in my accomplishments, but I do it on the run. When I got out of the Army, it felt like I sat around and did nothing forever. In reality, however, I was browsing schools, talking to admissions and administrators, organizing paperwork, and mentally laying in wait for the Post 9/11 GI Bill to become affective.

It was only a month ago, but looking back to my time at Full Sail University is already finding blurs and gaps in my memories. Sure, I remember the important things and the people I grew to love and appreciate, but the little things are drifting away from me. College is done, and I find myself still moving. True, I am again waiting – always waiting – for a certain date or event to trigger the next, big thing. By the end of April, I will know if the wait was worth it.

Again: still moving. Next week will find Matt and me in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is more of a vacation than anything, but there is work to be done. Jacqueline called a few weeks before graduation to remind me that she still had some of my stuff from when we lived together in North Carolina. Any math whiz out there will note that that was more than 5 years ago… Yeah, I am an awful friend.

Either that, or I was forcing her to hold it hostage to guarantee my trip to see her… bwahaha!

No, it’s true. I forgot she had anything of mine. It is also true that it takes very little to convince me to travel to Las Vegas. I do love it there, and having Jaki there is just icing in my vacation cake. If there were some way to bully Ashley into coming out too, I would mark it a holiday and compare future vacations to it.

After the Las Vegas vacation, Easter will be celebrated with my family. Ethan and Harmony are awesome egg hunters, and this will be Haven’s first time looking for her own. Coincidentally, this is her first Easter as a child able to walk, so it makes sense that she would be able to hunt with her brother and sister. After Easter, Matt and I will depart for Washington to clear his apartment, hang out with some friends, meet some new ones, and drive to California to visit with his family for a bit.

Remember, this is all happening during the waiting period in which I am currently trapped. Towards the end of April, I am going to be on pins and needles. Actually, I hope I am not. I hope I get that phone call or email early so I can plan accordingly. Realistically, I plan on waiting.

Always moving.

Always waiting.

No vacation is truly a vacation for me. Every “break” is only an opportunity to plan, to worry, and to celebrate my most recent goal reached. The key to continuing to succeed is in finding a goal and beginning the chase before the previous goal has become stale, boring.

Possible goals being considered*:

  • Creative Writing MFA online degree program from Full Sail University
  • More resumes, more applying!
  • Rejoining the military as an officer

* These goals all hinge on one specific internship. While I have submitted resumes to multiple companies for internships and “real” jobs, I do have my heart set on one place and I make no secret of that.

Have a great week, ladies and gentlemen. I would welcome an idea for next Sunday’s blog. Because the Las Vegas trip is not until the week after next week, and I have nothing special planned for this week, I foresee myself procrastinating my blog due to lack of content. An idea can come in the form of a question, an invite to lunch, or a random memory that sparked your interest.

Oh, and share my proposal video with your friends. My sister’s goal was to reach 1000 views. I am sure we can do that for her.

Much love.


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