I just realized that a cross-country trip and a time change can really mess with my ability to keep a schedule. Regardless, it is still Sunday and I am still posting before midnight. East-coasters, I apologize for messing up your schedules by continuously posting on mine.

The trip from Orlando to Albuquerque was (nearly) painless and (thankfully) uneventful. Instead of the usual three-day push, we opted to take our time and stop for an extra night. This was the first long trip in a car for Chaos and Cairo, so we did not want to stress them any more than they would be stressed already. As luck would have it, they are both excellent traveling kittens. Chaos remains curious and carefree when facing new and frightening things. Cairo, ever timid and shy, took longer to become accustomed to the ride than her brother, but she was sleeping on the dash after only a day or two.

It is a good thing that Matt is taller than I am, and he was driving, or else I would have had to remove her, regardless of how cute she was curled into a ball against the windshield.

Matt, the kittens, and I arrived in Albuquerque just in time to eat lunch with my sister, her husband, and the kids before they departed for their home. Haven, my sister’s youngest, is doing much better in familiar environments than she was in the hospital last week. She even “chatted” with me a bit before they left. I am so relieved she is doing better.

It is nice to be home. After 22 months in Orlando, it is refreshing to be surrounded by the sights, smells, sounds, and tastes that help to define me. I missed the mountains, the desert rain, the coyotes howling their song to the moon, and the New Mexican food. I know I will be here only temporarily, but I am relieved the be able to finally relax. I hope to be able to show Matt some more of the things I love about New Mexico before we head to Washington to move him out of his apartment.

I am going to lose my soul to Pinterest. Now, I am not scouring the Internet and pinning everything I find because it sparks a mote of inspiration at that moment, but I did spend some time browsing the boards of other members. The part that forces me to lose track of time while I browse is the way one board leads to another, which leads to another type of pin, which morphs into a new idea, which branches into four more… You get the idea. I came across some beautiful, wonderful things today. I did not pin a single one to my board for fear of it becoming the basis for all future ideas. I do not think I have found anything of that caliber yet.

Planning a wedding is hard. It seems that picking a date would be the easiest thing, but there are so many things to consider. After that, where do you start? Matt and I have been talking about everything. We seem to agree where it is necessary, and disagree where it makes things interesting. With this trend, we are having no problems posing questions to each other and answering them. Maybe the hardest choice is the date after all. That seems to be the only question with multiple variables.

I would love your input. If you have seen a crafty, do-it-yourself wedding idea, or a color combination that should not fit together as well as it does, or an invitation that took your breath away, tell me about it. Message me on Facebook, email me, send me a text message… anything goes really. I am in a comfortable gather-ideas-and-plan stage and am having a blast looking at weddings created by people much more creative than I will ever be.

I cannot say I have a whole lot else on my mind right now. My wedding, which could be a couple of months to a couple of years – yeah, right – from now has taken control of my mind. I am still putting some love into my résumé and browsing possible entry-level jobs, but having something tangible that I can plan and see is a great place to let my mind wander. Otherwise, I would likely be lamenting the lack of “perfect jobs” available to a newly minted graduate. I cannot lie, there are a lot of jobs that are motivating to me right now. My only hope is that I can adequately convey my interest, and my skills, in a written form.

My biggest fear right now is disappointing an instructor or a mentor who has placed faith in me by doing something silly on a résumé or cover letter. I am a representation of their tutelage or trust and would hate myself forever if I misrepresented either.

I have to be as awesome as I feel.

That is pretty darn awesome, by the way.

2 thoughts on “Unwinding

  1. I’m so glad you’re already in the mood to plan! 😀 Pinterest has a lot of ideas (I’m always repinning– it’s a big problem). I also reblog wedding stuff on tumblr all the time so I’ll be sure to send one of my favorite wedding blog links to you. I have to be in class in about 55 minutes so I will send any info in break. Miss you!



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