I am going to keep it short this week. I have three days of class left, or one week if you prefer looking at it that way, and my focus has been on my final project with Rob, packing my apartment — which is not getting done, although I did get my DVDs arranged in a way that pleased me — and writing my speech. I won the Advanced Achiever award for my graduating class and with that honor comes the privilege of speaking at my graduation.

I know there are some in this world that would disagree with me when I call giving a speech a privilege, but anyone who has known me for more than ten minutes knows I love to talk.

First things first: the Final Project. I want to reiterate again how pleasant it has been working on this with Rob. This entire degree program has been shaped by the support, creativity, passion, and insight of the two people in my class that have impacted me the most and although Alex has opted to work alone for the Final Project, I group her into my gratefulness willingly. I can think of multiple points throughout this program that she or he has saved me, pointed me in the right direction, or bonked me on the head when I lost my way.

We are rehearsing our pitches for the Final Project tomorrow morning and I would imagine spending the remainder of the time making adjustments as necessary. With Matt’s help — and capable acting skills — Rob and I filmed our cheesy video this weekend. What a BLAST! I think I could have done as well in the film program as I have in the business program. Maybe it will be something to consider in the future.

Likely not.

The packing endeavor is slow going, if moving at all. I did get my books into some boxes, but I lost my momentum after that. The big step I took this week — finally, after putting it off for nearly ten years — was arranging my DVDs. I switched around some of the binders, re-alphabetized the collection, and finally got rid of all of the plastic cases that have bogged me down on multiple moves since before I was in the Army. Four DVD binders is much cleaner and easier to cart around than a Tuff-Box and two cardboard boxes full of plastic cases.

I worked hard here at Full Sail. With the memory of a deplorable performance in high school looming over me, I tackled my homework, my assignments, and my participation with a fervor my high school friends would not recognize as mine. Graduating with a 3.9/4.0 grade point average, perfect attendance, four Course Director Awards, and the Advanced Achiever Award is a huge jump from the lowlife, directionless, unmotivated high schooler I was.

It is a rare occasion that I cannot find something positive to say about me, but I can say with pride that I did my best and it showed.

On the agenda this week: Rehearsals tomorrow, picking up bribes — I mean cupcakes — and the exit interview on Tuesday. Wednesday is the Final Presentation of our business venture project, Thursday is the day to get the feasibility study printed and spiral-bound with a nice cover, and Friday is my last day of college. I cannot wait for family to get here to meet my friends and watch us graduate.

I am welcoming inspiring thoughts or anecdotes for the speech, if you have any. Once I get going, I will write it just fine, but getting started is harder than I thought it would be. I don’t want to be that-chick-who-talked-at-graduation.

I want to matter.

One thought on “Breathe

  1. Baby, you do matter.You have touched more lives than you will ever know. Many people from your past have seen your potential, and are pleased now to see it coming out in it’s full glory!


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