Super Bowl Sunday

It is raining outside. This would not be a notable thing for most people, but it is a stepping stone for people who live here in Florida. It signals the opening of the floodgates that are the 4pm-like-clockwork-everyday showers that motivate students to carry an umbrella with them when they go to class. They may only be exposed to six minutes of rain, but it is serious rain when it wants to be in Florida.

Matt and I went to watch the Super Bowl at Tim and Jordan’s place today. The Super Bowl itself was a bland affair with simple plays and less-than-noteworthy events, but watching the whole party get quiet and watch each and every commercial was fulfilling. I know why people watch the Super Bowl now; it is because laughing together is something hard to find in a tech-based world like ours. We are connected to each other through home and mobile applications, but actually feeling the emotions of the people around us is something that is becoming more and more uncommon. We read tweets; we do not share moments.

I got iced twice. Tim and Jordan’s house rules included a you-find-it-you-drink-it-clause. In most situations, I would respectfully decline. Part of the reason for this is the 7 (total) drinks I have had in the past 18 months, and part is because most young people living on their own for the first time desire to see their friends make fools of themselves. I was impressed to see only a 6-pack of Smirnoff Ice (hence the phrase “I got iced”) and to hear that the rules were simple: if you come across it, you have to get on your knees and drink it.

I relate the whole game with an Easter egg hunt, but backwards. While most of these young people do come to drink and hang out, I was surprised to see responsible drinking, eating, and fun. So having this game gave the whole party an element of “Where did they hide it?” and “Who is going to find it?”

I found the first one in the box of pizza. This confused me because I had yet to hear the rules of the house. So here I was, a guest in the house, faced with a Smirnoff Ice sitting on the pepperoni slice I was about to ingest. When I picked up the bottle and asked why it was so woefully out of place, I laughed a bit to see the apartment cheer. I know that a part of their joy was that one of the six had been found. The other part was that it was not them to find it.

So, here I got iced.

My second was a simple affair. It was almost a gift from Mariana just before Matt and I were set to depart. I have learned a lesson this evening: Smirnoff cold is tough to drink in one setting and I am a pansy who needs two or three “breaths” to complete a bottle. Do not judge me, however, as I have had less than ten drinks in 18 months. I am a noob and I am okay with this.

The Super Bowl itself was alright, but the Halftime Show was amazing. For 54 years old, Madonna is rocking it. The entire apartment — all Full Sail students — were sad to see the lip syncing, but were wowed by her vigor, her skill, and to see her shuffling in heels with LMFAO!

Overall, it was an amazing afternoon with some awesome people. The lightweight I am, however, is going to keep this post short so I can get to bed. Nine classes remaining until graduation. Knocking one off that list tomorrow, and then I am tackling the rest of my life.

Safe and happy living, readers. Graduation, here I come.

P.S. No word on my internship application yet. It is still way too soon, but my hope level remains high.


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