Looming Deadlines

I seem to have maintained a theme for pushing the limits this weekend. My team’s homework is complete and, to be honest, I feel amazing having taken the brunt of this assignment upon myself because I always feel like Rob does more than his share. This was an easy assignment for me to give the guy a break and, trust me, he needed it after the homework fun we had over the last week.

Working with him for Final Project has been a dream come true. Most of you know me and know how much I do NOT want to own and operate my own business. Considering the last two months of life at Full Sail University is dedicated to just that — in a hypothetical form, of course — I was dreading it. When Rob and I agreed to work together, and he came up with an amazing business venture idea, I knew the last two months would fly and they would suck a lot less than it would have had I chosen to work alone.

We work together very well. My opinion is biased, I am sure, but our strengths and weaknesses compliment each other well. In the areas I struggle, he excels. His weaknesses are some of my strengths. We are a perfect team and I need to motivate him to Facebook more often because the thought of losing touch with him after we graduate sucks.

My blog is another limit I am pushing this weekend. I set a goal to have a new blog posted at least weekly, on Sundays. Midnight is looming, but I WILL achieve my goal!

I worked on my resume for most of the weekend. I have started, and scrapped, nearly three dozen layouts, designs, and creative looks into my lack of entertainment experience, all while tactfully bragging about the skills I developed while I was in the Army. This is hard! On one hand, I am laying some very important, directly applicable skills, all while admitting that I have no “real” experience in the job for which I am applying. I feel like a contradiction, but one that would blow any other possible intern out of the water.

I have done jobs in which people’s lives depended on my attention to detail, my perseverance, my training, my critical thinking skills, my whip-quick reaction time, and my ability to work well with others. How can I adequately put that into a resume and have it portray who I am?

No worries, faithful readers, I will find a way. I work well under pressure!

The kittens are doing well. After some time spent getting used to each other, Matt and I are regularly being ripped from sleep by one yowling cat or the other as they play on the bed, under the bed, in the bathroom, in the living room, in the dining room… you get the idea. As promised, I do have a picture of both of them, but am restraining myself from posting all one hundred kitty pictures that are sitting on my cell phone right now.

Snuggle time!

I am getting better and better at cutting my blog to a respectable length. If you browse my previous posts, you would be hard pressed to find one less than one thousand words. I feel more complete having written a blog that tells a story, induces feelings of happiness and sadness both, and makes the reader want more, but I also recognize that posts of that size often force people to skim — something I surely do not want them to do!

Luck to you, happy readers.

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