Cute Kills

My home has been overrun with cuteness. I mentioned in last week’s blog that a kitten had made its way into my home. Alright, I will amend it to say I bought a kitten because the previous statement alludes to finding one suddenly in my bed and deciding to keep it.

“Please, mom, can I keep her” demands a new meaning when one is an adult and can blame no one but themselves.

So Cairo joined my family last Sunday thanks to one of the local shelters that operates out of Petsmart. She is a very timid domestic short hair that cuddles so neatly into the crook of my arm and purrs in her sleep. While I knew I would be getting another cat after the loss of Bob, getting one now was an accident. Admitting that, I will also mention that I did not fight against that decision very hard when I was confronted with this tiny, loving bundle of fur.

Another decision I made, a very long time before I even knew Bob was sick, was that the next pet I had would not be an only pet. It would have a companion. My reasoning for this was because of Bob’s antisocial nature. She was loving, and very friendly… to me. She never adapted to other animals or small children. I swore that my next would have a friend with which to grow, and play, and love.

You see where I am going with this, right?

Yesterday, Chaos joined the brood. Where Matt and I went to Petsmart just to window shop last Sunday, yesterday we went looking specifically for him.

He is three months old, orange, and so full of energy that “Chaos” is the only name that would fit him accurately. When he purrs, you can hear it across the room. When he sleeps, the slightest touch causes him to stretch, roll over on his back, and purr.

It is so cute that I think I am going to die.

Cairo is handling a new kitten in the house very well. Part of this is because she is still getting adjusted herself, I think. The biggest success for me was having them both fall asleep on the couch and, after some… re-positioning… snuggling together and purring. I will edit a picture into this blog when I have the chance, but I cannot include the sound that went with it.

Saturday was eventful in more ways than the addition of Chaos to the house. Matt and I went to the circus. Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey’s is in town this week, and I figured it would make an excellent date night with Matt. I got some amazing seats in the second row, in the center of the arena. Perks to these seats included being able to watch a few of the acts from the floor of the arena itself! It was a surprise to both of us when a clown approached the two, front rows and ushered us onto the floor.

I saw choreographed fighters, a skipping baby elephant, performing house cats, and women doing spins and twirls tied to the ceiling by their hair. That was unnatural.

I got an awesome floor badge as a memento for this surprise perk as well.

The only sad thing to come from this week is missing Harmony and Haven’s birthday party. The theme was Mardi Gras and, as usual, Heather and the family decorated Maggie and Clayton’s home beautifully. The colorful masks and beads were amazing! Haven got her own little cake to smash and the birthday cake for the family was very well done. Heather took some fun pictures.

I just had a wow moment. I am closing this week’s blog with less than one thousand words. This is a feat for me! I wonder what this week will bring…

I can promise that it will not be another kitten. Two is plenty.

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