Semisonic Had It Right

With the closing of 2011 and the induction of 2012, I find myself thinking of the line in Semisonic’s song, Closing Time.

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

If I look at 2011 as a beginning, as I did so casually in that first blog, would I consider 2012 a new beginning? Or would my life this year be a constantly-rotating series of beginnings and ends? As much as I know the truth of the answer, I would love to go with the first choice, but only because the second seems like a daunting thing to track and tally comfortably. I would have to give up a few nights a week for that sort of endeavor.

There are a handful of blogs — twenty, if my WordPress count is right — that illustrates my life in 2011. I do not need to go back and issue a play-by-play of things my readers already know. And, yes, I do know there is a lot that most people do not know, but it would be rude, immoral, impolite, tacky, and just downright wrong to discuss them. Usually these things wander into the realm of someone else’s business and that would be their blogs to write. I am not saying I am above being rude, immoral, impolite, tacky, and just downright wrong, but I do attempt to be a decent person with every choice I make.

I am human though. I slip up sometimes.

2012 looks to be a great year. It started off with the trip from Fayetteville, North Carolina back to Orlando, Florida. Matt and I had gone up there on a whim to hang out with some Army friends of mine and basically just get away from Orlando for a bit. I spent most of the drive back considering changes I wanted to make to my blog. I am constantly changing myself into something I hope to be better than the moment before, so there was very little self-reflection or resolution planning while I drove.

My blog, however, needs more structure.

At this point, the dreamer and writer in me wants to commit to writing at least once a day — something I have bullied my mom and others into doing. The truth is that I know I could not keep that up for more than a few weeks. It takes a great effort for me to write a blog less than a thousand words. I have always been long-winded, and I do usually get caught up in the story.

A weekly blog, maybe posted on Sundays, would be reasonable given my schedule at school. This would allow me a designated time to finish, and it would allow anyone who wanted to read my blog to know when to expect an update. This sounds like something I can do.

The other thing I pondered was the topic, or purpose, of my blog. It was initially just a place for me to think, express, and dream. Am I still in a position where discussing my life, thoughts, experiences, and obstacles is enough? Do I need to become an advocate for some larger issue? Should I become a fangirl from some company, game, band, or product and live my live devoted to only that? Should I pay more attention to the political race that will be happening this year and voice my views? Should I develop an addiction to a new hobby and live and breath only that?

No. None of those are quite my style.

I will continue to do what I love to do, and I will try to make it more regular by having a post up by Sunday each week. When I say I will have my posts up by Sunday, that cannot ever mean I will only blog on then. I will, naturally, post something whenever I feel like it… for 2012, this will just mean it will include Sundays.

I would love to have input from you, faithful readers. Hypotheticals are my favorite, but I welcome any topic or question that would instigate a post. Leave them in the comment box of any blog, tweet them to me @AmandaZahn, message them to me at Facebook, or write them on a piece of paper and throw them into the wind. Surely one of those avenues will reach me and we can dig into my mind to see the way it works…

… if it works.

2 thoughts on “Semisonic Had It Right

  1. I know exactly what you mean. I’m still trying to figure out where to go with my blog to be. Early on, I had decided to keep it light-hearted and sometimes I find myself almost veering away that. I say play it by ear and what works for you. You can always change directions.

    I also spend way too much time on each post and am too random. I had one post for December, but just couldn’t find the time. I’m wordy and would rather have one quality post than many mediocre ones.

    And since I haven’t been posting, I haven’t been reading others’ either. So I’ve got some catching up to do. I think your blog is great from what I’ve read so far. Let it just follow you as you go on your journey. I’ve seen one really popular blog that’s been around for years, as the write went from being a party-er in college, to marriage, to kids. It’s pretty interesting. And she has a great following. Anyway, here I go rambling…great post! 🙂


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