The Woosh

January is a myth. Now that I have gotten that out of the way, I can truly reflect on January as it existed for me. I know it happened; I know I was there. Recalling January, however, leaves me with a hazy recollection of assignments, midnight homework with my partner Rob, and a certain dread for the … Continue reading The Woosh

Cute Kills

My home has been overrun with cuteness. I mentioned in last week's blog that a kitten had made its way into my home. Alright, I will amend it to say I bought a kitten because the previous statement alludes to finding one suddenly in my bed and deciding to keep it. "Please, mom, can I … Continue reading Cute Kills

Gamer Heart

I have always been a major gamer. My very first gaming system was a shared present with my sister one Christmas when I was very young. We had always had access to other systems, like Atari or Caleco Vision, but the 8-bit Nintendo was my first endeavor into being a true and unabashed gamer. We … Continue reading Gamer Heart