I like the fact that I decided not to pursue the PostADay/PostAWeek2011 self challenge issued by WordPress. Do not get me wrong; they were amazing ideas and I would have loved to have been able to maintain that sort of dedication. School and money, however, dictated otherwise. Eventually I would like to commit to a regular blog because I know my family would love it. I have great hopes that friends and strangers would find them equally riveting, but I do have a level of humility that I attempt to maintain.

Yes, I said “attempt to”.

I am taking a fabulous vacation from Orlando and, although I miss my friends dearly, I am pleased to be away from the humidity and the tourists. Strange, right? I live in one of the most popular vacation destinations in the United States, and I went out of my way to evacuate it for some peace of mind. The path leading up to this point was involved for sure, but I will try to hit the highlights.

My cat, Bob, is still sick. Granted, she is not nearly as sick as she was two weeks before the drive from Orlando to Albuquerque, but there is still something wrong with her. First it was a drastic change in behavior, then sleeping in her litter box — which she wasn’t using, by the way — then it was vomiting more than a dozen times in my apartment. The vet treated her for megacolon and changed her diet with special food and organized feeding times. The day before departing Orlando, she was in the window in my bedroom when she fell and went catatonic.

It was brief, sure, but the lack of response in her eyes while she drooled on herself broke my heart as I began preparing myself for the possibility of losing her. She got progressively weaker, stopped drinking water, and was basically withered away as we made the trip across the country, but my mom and stepdad made an appointment with their vet as soon as I got here. This vet went an entirely different route and found nothing related to megacolon or any other ailment suggested by my vet in Orlando.

The vet here is still researching before she makes any final calls, but she had me put Bob’s food intake back to normal and is pleased by the updates that Bob is more responsive, focused, and behaving within her normal character. Needless to say, I will be finding a new vet as soon as I get back to Orlando.

I feel overwhelmed with the stuff I could be sharing, but I don’t know where to start. I took Matt to Tinkertown and Sandia Peak today. It was my first time going up there in a long time, but the place has not changed a whole lot. He was winded for most of the trek to and from the Kiwanis Cabin, but he kept up with me very well and seemed to enjoy himself. I think I may have brushed against poison ivy or oak during the hike though. My hand has a lovely rash that I didn’t even notice until almost bedtime. It doesn’t itch, thankfully, but I am sure it would if I focused on it.

Not… looking… at my hand…

Do you know what greeted me within the first couple of days in Albuquerque? At 0700 that morning, I said goodbye to my mother and Eric as they departed the house for work, but my stepdad came back into the house asking if I had insurance.

Christ, why would he ask that?

There was a massive wind storm the night before and it seems one of the branches on my mother’s tree decided to test its wings. No, it could not fly. The damage is outstanding: rear window busted, paint chipped/removed in a few areas, and the frame around where my rear window should be is dented to the point that a window cannot be replaced. Considering the almost $1500 I have spent taking care of Bob, a hit like this was gut-wrenching. As luck would have it, my insurance is taking care of it after my $1000 deductible, and Eric’s homeowners insurance has a Good Neighbor policy that is paying my deductible.

Cost of repairs: 18 days without my car and $3300. Cost to either me or Eric: nothing. Thank God.

There are a lot of visits happening while I am at my mom’s house. My sister and her family are coming up this Friday for Ethan’s birthday party. It will be great to see my nieces and nephew again. I have not seen them since I was here in April and I know how fast kids grow at these ages. Ethan is talking much clearer now and so is Harmony. Haven is standing on her own. Gosh I can’t wait to see them. Matt’s parents are also coming for a visit. This will be my first time meeting them and I am very excited about it. They are allowing my family and me to play tour guide through the great things of New Mexico — well, at least the stuff we can see in a weekend — and we have a few awesome things planned like the zoo and aquarium, and Tucanos.

Success story number one, and the most important thing to me right now: I got my mom to agree to a two-week trial of Herbalife. Today, her birthday, was the beginning of week two and she has lost 13 pounds since last Monday. Getting a straight answer out of her about her energy levels, focus, or hunger can be difficult, but she’s vowing to stick to it and she’s blogging about her progress. That is all that matters. Eric is less enthusiastic about it than mom is, but I helped him pack his lunch for work tomorrow and it included a shake and a few healthy snacks. Maybe “skeptical” would be an accurate description of his feelings, but seeing my mom lose 13 pounds without sacrificing food or sweating buckets might help motivate him.

I met a man a few weeks ago that started Herbalife at 440 pounds with Type 2 Diabetes. When I talked to him, he was at 220 pounds and Diabetes/medication free. I had conflicting emotions with meeting him: shared exhilaration because I have lost weight on the products, true marvel at how Herbalife can affect more than someone’s weight, and sadness at how Herbalife, which has been around for thirty years now, could have prolonged my grandmother’s life. She had had Diabetes since the age of around seven, so it could not have cured her of her Diabetes, but the weight and the plethora of medications did not help her.

Had she gotten the information in time, what would she be doing today? Would she be planning the trip to Orlando for my graduation? What would she think of her great-grandchildren? Would she have made the trip to see me in Italy to take advantage of the chance to travel Europe? I am unsure, but I like to think I know the answers to these questions. The point is that my mother and stepdad are in a position to reverse their health and weight issues in this life and they have, possibly begrudgingly, taken the first step. I want them to be here for their grandchildren and great-grandchildren. It is important to me that my non-existant children do not have to say goodbye to them while they’re in high school like I did to mine.

Well, it is not ending on as positive of a note as I wanted, but my mom and Eric’s motivation is enough to uplift the sadness I feel at the needless loss of my grandmother so many years ago. She would be proud of them for the steps they’re taking — even if I had to bully them to take them. I hope this blog finds you well and I look forward to more updates as I can motivate myself to share them.


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