It is inevitable that news will instigate a blog post. While I have had a lot of news to share, I seem to have continued to let my blog grow stagnant and stale. That is not to say I have not tried to write something to fill the empty time or space; I usually do not post them because they are not as noteworthy as I had thought previously. After rereading the posts, I find myself disappointed that I would consider any of it important.

Either that, or I was afraid someone would take it the wrong way.

It is hard to share news that could potentially make someone else sad or upset. “I won a million dollars” may seem like good news to you, but telling your friend or family member who is thousands of dollars in debt might make them feel like you are rubbing it in their face or make them feel like they will never get a lucky break. It goes without saying that mentioning habits — spending habits in this example — that are less than stellar that put them in the situation they are in will likely ruin a relationship.

Sucks, huh? You have good stuff going on, but sharing it will hurt someone’s feelings.

The biggest, and most noticeable, news in my life is the weight that I have lost. I paid for a two-year membership to LA Fitness at the end of the summer of 2010. Because I paid so far in advance, I was offered a great deal on a personal trainer — which I accepted, by the way — and some other great perks. The progress was slow and barely noticeable. I felt good, and my strength was getting better, but the weight stayed the same. The fat stayed right where it was.

This frustrated me. I continued on, however, knowing that weight loss and being healthy was not an overnight change. It is a lifestyle change. In January I came across Herbalife. Herbalife has been selling health, weight management, and general body wellness products for thirty years or so. It was something I had heard of, but I placed it in the same category as Slim Fast or Nutrisystem. Meal replacement did not make sense in my mind. It did not fit with my image of  what was required to keep the body fueled enough to function.

I will cut the story short there and I will move on the end result. On January 17th, I weighed 190 pounds. It does not seem like much when one considers the average weight of a 27-year-old female in the United States today, but my size 16 jeans made me hate myself. It made me doubt who I was or how I looked. The people in my life were supportive and made comments frequently about how good I looked. I appreciated it then, needed it then, but sometimes I look back and I wish that someone had risked my hurt or my wrath to tell me that I was at risk for more dangers than just low self-esteem.

Yeah, like I would ever truly have low self-esteem. You guys know me much better than that.

December, 2010
December 28th, almost one year exactly since the Fat Picture.

So here I am: 60 pounds lighter than I was that day back in January and wearing size 6 jeans. I am still working on strength and endurance with my personal trainer, but Herbalife has helped me get my nutrition under control. A lot of people ask me if I miss food. The truth is that I eat six or seven times a day, so food is not an issue. The true question, even if they do not ask it this clearly, is “Do you miss fast food?” or “Do you miss candy/beer/french fries?” I would be lying if I said that I do not miss any of those things. I do. Once in a while I get a craving for a Sonic cheeseburger or Wendy’s french fries. Occasionally I think longingly of the Twizzlers I just passed in the grocery store or the beer my friends are having.

You know what though? I can live without it if it means the size of my waist and ass continue to shrink.

This is where I am going to stop. I had a list of things to talk about, but the more I think about it, the more I realize that I have crossed the 700-word mark and have likely bored you to tears. There is more news to be had in the realms of school, raids in World of Warcraft, stupid ex-boyfriends, estranged family, and my plans for the future, but I will need to save those for another day. Or I will have the drive to write some more tomorrow. As always, we shall see.

I will create a page at the top of my blog to illustrate my day in regards to Herbalife and my eating schedule, but that will wait until this weekend at least. If you would like more information on Herbalife or its products, let me know. I will do the best I can to inform and educate based solely on my own experience. I am in no way a nutritional expert, a doctor, or a health guru. I am just a woman who lost some weight by giving up stuff she should not have been eating in the first place.

Oh yeah, and drink water. Happy reading, dear ones.

7 thoughts on “Neglected

  1. Well I am super proud of you 🙂 mostly I’m glad you are happier with yourself and healthier. Like you said, this topic is about life style choices not you rubbing your progress in anyone’s face or being critical about their health choices. Keep it up and maybe, from a few thousand miles away, you’re motivation will rub off on me. Love you!


    1. Sarah, you don’t need to lose weight; you need a cheeseburger. As for motivating you, though, I hope I do. Everyone needs a little motivation in their lives. 🙂 Love you and, damn, I miss you.


      1. I do not need a cheeseburger…I need to do crunches or something…my pants don’t fit anymore haha. PS – I miss you too!


  2. tbh, I never even thought that one of those weightloss food replacement systems could work. I’m happy to be proven wrong, though : )


    1. I never did either, love. I happily eat my disbelief, however, as it has been more than a little successful for me. 🙂


  3. You look awesome 🙂 But what is funny, is that even when you were 190 you did not LOOK it! You are a beautiful person in general 🙂 I am super happy that you feel better though!


    1. I was a “skinny, fat person”. It makes me happy that I didn’t look my weight, but knowing how much I weighed bothered me a lot day-to-day. Thanks for your support. I’ll always need it,



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