For Something Other Than Myself

You won’t see it until I’ve added something to it, but I’ve created a new category. It’s for my final project in my Leadership and Organizational Behavior class. I like this assignment and I almost feel like blogging might not do it justice.

The assignment itself is kind of “anything goes”. It has no limits, no speculations, no boundaries. It does have requirements, but only on items that need to be included or considered. I say “considered” because my instructor mentioned a prior student that turned in a fishing game and was able to display their leadership style adequately.

I’ve always been a pretty quick thinker and a smooth talker. I could turn in a piece of chocolate cake and relate it to my leadership styles and abilities. With this in mind, I am surprised that the first thing I wanted to do with this assignment was write. Any instructor that gives you free reign, no limits, and complete support for the unusual would likely find some disappointment in a student who wants to write.

My instructor, however, was seemingly excited for my final project. She mentioned that a student who is passionate about writing will be able to do the assignment without it feeling like they “checked the block” on their assignment. A reader can tell when the writer was putting true feeling and heart into a written piece.

Keep an eye on my Leadership Portfolio category when things start going into it. Who knows? Maybe I will end up turning in a chocolate cake with the blog.

I’ve been missing the Army lately. This isn’t a new thing, but I’ve felt a strange draw to it the past few days. The discussions we’re having in both of the classes I have this month seem to bring out the memories of times while I served. This is especially so for my Leadership and Organizational Behavior class, but the Macroeconomics has had a few lectures that talked about foreign policies in countries I’ve lived in or visited.

Do these reminiscent feelings mean anything? Not really. I’ve just had some time on my hands to consider some of the things I learned and experienced while I was in the Army. I will likely start telling some of these memories later and I can almost guarantee there will be a couple in the Leadership Portfolio because a lot of those stories have something to do with leaderships, either mine or someone who outranked me.

I’m wondering where I should be using my blogs to introduce my “people”. Somewhere along the path I’m taking, I will be discussing the people from my past and present. I’m torn between an post dedicated to the introduction of my closest friends and family, but I’m also looking forward to the possibility of introducing “on the fly” when I’m going to be talking about them. We’ll see how it goes.

Now would be a great time to stop blogging and start focusing on my Macroeconomic lecture.

One thought on “For Something Other Than Myself

  1. Final Project Idea: Write an essay relating Chocolate Cake to your leadership experiences in the army.

    And pass out Chocolate Cake in class while doing so.

    Guaranteed A inc.



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