I always mean to write on Sundays. I brainstorm and I plot talking points and then Sunday just... gets away from me. Why Sunday though? I think it's a lingering "need" from a time I was blogging more religiously and had self-imposed deadlines and word count minimums. Does it still need to be done on … Continue reading Sandwiched


It's been 2 weeks since my last blog and it surely wasn't for lack of trying on my part. I am surprised at some of the struggles I've dealt with. If you participated in Ask Me Tell Me, I am grateful for you. I think I only got one comment to post publicly (Hi, Megan!), … Continue reading Weeks

Your Story

I am posing a question for anyone interested in playing a game of "Ask Me Tell Me" with me. If you are not interested in playing, I hope you get to enjoy a few answers from others who might be feeling adventurous. Tell me in the comments about your most cherished relationship or relationships. How … Continue reading Your Story

Grab Bag

I started writing late tonight and without much direction. For anyone who knows me, this is neither new nor exciting. Procrastination has always been a fault of mine, but I do admit that I work better under pressure. In this case, I'm not bumping up against any deadlines or limits save my own. So where's … Continue reading Grab Bag